Guest Post: The Coffee Addiction (Recollections of Play)

Ahhhh….coffee. Is there anything better? Don’t answer that. Instead, just conjure up the smell of a freshly-made pot of your favorite coffee and let it waft over your senses. Because that’s what I’m doing, right now. Because I’m trying to cut back on the magical elixir myself, and imagining its scent molecules is about all I have left. My ever-long thanks go out to Mr. Murphy of Murf Vs. Internet for letting me mull over my coffee habit on his wondrous blog. Please do give him a follow if you haven’t already. Happy #Voluntines Week, everyone!


    1. Mmmm, that sounds pretty good. I’ve been trying to redevelop my taste for herbal tea in order to moderate my caffeine intake. It’s been a slow process, but I think it’s helping. Maybe. Haven’t mauled anyone during the process, so that’s something.


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