Guest Post: My Favorite Theme Park: Hersheypark

I don’t know if y’all are ready for this, but IT’S VOLUNTINE’S WEEK!! Thanks to Mr. Murphy of Murf vs Internet for coming up with another reason to love and share the love of blogging. Voluntine’s Week (Feb. 17-21) is all about guest posting, so keep an eye out in your reader and Twitter feed for all things tagged #Voluntines. Speaking of which, this is a guest post I wrote for the awesome Duck of Indeed, a great blog (and blogger) if ever there was one. The Duck wrote a post on Las Vegas, which inspired me to write about and share one my favorite destinations: Hersheypark.

The Duck of Indeed

Hello, everyone.  In case you haven’t heard, it is currently Voluntine’s Week, a blogging holiday invented by C. T. Murphy of Murf vs Internet, who also was the one behind Listmas.  This holiday involves volunteering to write guest posts for other blogs you enjoy, and Cary of “Recollections of Play” and I have decided to trade guest posts for Voluntine’s Week.  Below is her post about her visit to Hersheypark, a most delightful place if there ever was one.

Ah, summertime. That time when children are freed from the hallways of school, and long days and sunny sun make for plenty of enjoyable outdoor activities. For many, summer is also a time of travel, and that’s what my family did regularly when I was a youth in Pennsylvania. At my house, summertime meant trips to see family and other far off places.  Among those destinations were amusement…

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