13 Videogames for Couples, plus how to drag your gamer partner out of the closet

I’m breaking into my posting schedule because this article simply needs to be shared! Last week, I reblogged here a post from United We Game called Whaddya mean you played a game together?? and it caught the attention of the very very gamer of Very Very Gaming, one half of a gaming couple. In response, his partner wrote this post about their gaming relationship. It’s a heartfelt and funny story, plus, it offers up a list of co-op titles (some retro) that could make for fun this Valentine’s Day if you are so attached.

Very Very Gaming

This is a guest post, by my partner, about gaming as a couple. It’s a response to this here article about another gaming couple

I was convinced he was either a porn addict or a cheat. However, his was not your average tale of debauchery and deceit. The magazines in the closet, the suspicious gaps in the internet history, the long, blank spaces of time when he wouldn’t answer his phone and, curiously, the podcasts he would never let me listen to (but that he would listen to religiously whilst he did the dishes every night – this is back in the day when he cared to do the dishes).

It took a while before I realised what was going on: Mr. Very Very Gaming was in the Very Very Closet about his Very Very Habit.

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