All in the Family: The De Santas of Grand Theft Auto V

What does “family” mean in video games? Over on Geek Force Network, I pondered this notion using the first family of Los Santos, the De Santas, as an example. Perfect in their imperfections, they functioned within dysfunction and formed a pretty tight-knit family, believe it or not. Oh, they were pretty awful to each other, but somewhere in their flaws was a kind of beauty. And it worked…for them.

Geek Force Network

Despite the craziness that generally accompanies the holiday season, I’ve taken advantage of what free time I’ve had of late to catch up on some Grand Theft Auto V. Having made some good progress in the game over the past week, it’s been on my mind quite a bit this week. On my blog, I wrote up a Listmas list of some of my favorite things about the game so far – those things that keep me (and will keep me) coming back to the game. But recently I encountered one more thing element of the game that has more than captured my attention: the De Santa family.

*Did my best to avoid spoilers, but there are a few ahead mostly concerning a specific GTA V side mission*

I don’t think I need to rehash much about the game here – it couldn’t be escaped in the news this…

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