Whaddya mean you played a game together??

I enjoy my time as a solitary gamer. Immensely. It’s like meditation, except with enemies and worlds to save. However, there are and can be exceptions to everything, at least once in awhile. That’s what happened in the not too distant past when my husband and I played LEGO Marvel Super Heroes together. Yep…you heard me… t.o.g.e.t.h.e.r. As in multiplayer. As in team. Can’t say it’ll ever happen again, but it was definitely fun while it lasted; and I relayed this experience in brief over on United We Game. See, I’m not totally antisocial, so take a gander, please? Pretty, pretty please?


If you follow me here on UWG, you may have caught an article I wrote last year in which I outlined how my husband and I, though gamers we be, don’t generally play games together. We both like different kinds of games, we have different play styles, sometimes we get a little too competitive, and so on. Well, at the time, I felt pretty certain that we were both going to happily continue leading our together-but-separate gaming lives, and all would be alright with the world.

Well, here we are not quite a year later and I’m here to tell you that over the holiday, we took a chance on playing not just one but TWO games in co-op modes, and we both survived to tell the tale. (And everything is still alright with the world.) Never in a million years did I think we’d ever find common gaming ground…

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  1. Sounds like fun! I know that I love playing video games in co-op mode with a friend of mine. Also, I got to play Super Mario 3D World recently with said friend. He has a Wii U that he got for Christmas, so the two of us played it on multiplayer. It was a lot of fun! What games do you have on your Wii U?


    1. Right now I only have New Super Mario/Luigi U. I promised myself that I’d complete those games first (and I just beat Mario, so one more to go!) before buying any others. But I’ll be getting Super Mario 3D World just as soon as I finish the Luigi game. Oh, how I wish I had more time to play! 🙂


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