United We Game and Geek Force Network receive makeovers!

Did you know that 2014 just got a little awesomer? And also that “awesomer” is totally a real word? That’s right (about the first sentence, maybe the second), GALLONS of AWESOME SAUCE were recently poured ALL OVER United We Game and Geek Force Network, two of the most AWESOME sites on the ENTIRE Internet. IT’S AWESOME.

Also, do a shot every time I use the word “awesome.” But no Jäger for me, thanks.

But you should probably quit drinking and just go visit the sites, cause I’m there, along with a whole lotta other awesome people. Seriously, it’s AWESOME, and it’s time that EVERYONE knew. So tell you friends, cats, relatives, neighbors, and third cousins twice removed to hop on the Internet and check out the awesome new looks of United We Game and Geek Force Network. And while you’re on those awesome sites, read stuff and tell us that you read stuff. Tell us if you think the makeovers are, in fact, AWESOME (or not. Except don’t, cause then you’ll just suck.) And be sure to follow, follow, follow, follow, follow the yellow brick road! Or…uh…not that, but those site. United We Game. Geek Force Network. Though the Wizard of Oz is pretty cool. And we’d totally be fine with you humming “We’re off to See the Wizard” while you’re browsing those sites.

And what are those sites again?

United We Game
Twitter: @UnitedWeGame
Facebook: facebook.com/wegameunited

Geek Force Network
Twitter: @GeekForceNetwork
Facebook: facebook.com/geekforcenetwork





::whispers:: Cause they’re AWESOME!


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