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As I was going over in my head which article of mine I should reblog today, I got distracted by my reader. Though I’ve tried to get caught up with the way-too-many blogs that I follow, I still remain woefully behind in reading, commenting, and generally being a good, giving blogger. I blame the snow. In fact, I blame everything on the snow. The piles, upon piles of snow sitting in our yard. The piles upon piles of snow that interrupted what should have been a warm and placid January (according to the damn Farmer’s Almanac, dammit.)  The piles upon piles of snow that make everything look so sad and pretty and barren. MY GOD I can’t wait until summer, 100 degree days, and a garden full of tomatoes!

But I digress…

Today goes out to the blogging community. To those good folks who have been writing and being good writers. I could fill up pages with links to everything that you (and I) should be reading, but here are a few notable articles that are worth some attention:


Simpleek put forth a simple gaming goal for 2014: complete one video game per month. It’s a fantastic goal to have, though challenging as she admits that there are going to be plenty of distractions (i.e. new games) in the way of that goal. Attacking The Backlog: Playing One Video Game A Month Challenge

The Duck of Indeed wrote up a brilliant review of Rayman Legends. Read it! Love it! I want so very much to play this game, and I really hope I’ll get to it this year. Rayman Legends, One of the Duck’s Favorite Sidescrollers

The fan-made Banjo-Tooie sequel has been moving along well. It’s still looking for volunteers if you want to help out! Project Imagination: Two more characters

After dealing with 3 months worth of Internet snafus (and that’s putting it lightly, I’m sure), At the Buzzer has re-opened for business! They’ve got up some fun, new articles, and plenty of great older reads, Let’s Plays, and other happy fun time fodder to keep one occupied for quite some time. Plus, the podcast! Look for the newest one to be up later this week. That deserves a WOO-HOO!

If you follow Phoenix Down, a not-to-miss gaming site headed by Ms. Crystal, then you already know that she’s also got a blog running on IGN! If you didn’t know that, well, I just told you, so now you have no excuse NOT to head over to the link right now! Most recently, she offered up some thoughtful insights into gaming and lucid dreaming. The Connection Between Video Games and Lucid Dreams

Mr. Murphy of the wonderful blog murfvs.net is now a published author! He wrote a great article on gamification and hiring that’s now up on gamification.co. Don’t know what “gamification” is? Here’s a good place to find out. The Other Knack Games: for Recruiting Talent

We’re not a next gen household yet, and it’s been interesting to read different writers’ takes on the both the Xbox One and the PlayStation 4. I really liked The Chindividual’s straightforward opinions on the PS4and it’s worth a read if your thinking of getting one but haven’t yet. The Chin’s opinion about the PS4 in bullet points

And last but hardly least, you should totally be listening to the I Hate Vegetables podcast, with the lovely duo of Sam and Steve, as well as CA! Radio, hosted by the good people of Counter Attack! Um…okay, okay, so I’m a little behind on listening myself, but that’ll be fixed once my schedule rights itself. However, don’t let me stop you from clicking, bookmarking, listening, sharing, and just generally enjoying life.


As I said before, I really could go on and on. What blogosphere activities have recently attracted your attention? Not that I need more reason to feel guilty for not reading everything that crosses my path…but still. It’s always good to be in the know, right?


  1. So sweet of you to mention my post! Thank you. 🙂 I do agree that it’s very hard to keep up with blog reading too, but I try to read or listen to everything!


    • Yep, same here. So where’s that job that pays us to both write AND read blogs? That’s what I’m waiting for. (Haha.) 🙂


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