A plan for 2014, I haz it

Oh, the classics never go out of style... (source)
Oh, the classics never go out of style… (source)

So the last time you heard from me here, I mentioned that I’d be back on the 22nd with my first real post of the new year. Well, with a then-frazzled brain, I forgot that technically, today, the 20th, marks the end of my (it’s been wonderful) two-week vacation. So rather than throw up another reblog, I figured I’d use this space to let you all know what I’ve been mulling over in terms of this blog.

The biggest thing that’s been on my mind is that I’m getting near the end of my games-played list. I can’t quite believe that I’ve had enough fodder to cover a couple years worth of posts, and I’m still adding to it as I slowly get through more games. But there aren’t many games left from from my distant past to cover, and I really don’t want to get into the habit of discussing recent games, or games as I’m playing through them, because that’s really not what this blog is all about. I’ve been threatening to mix things up a bit here by adding in non-video game memories, and I think now’s as good a time as any to start following through with that. So this year I’m going to alternate my Wednesday posts between game memories and pop culture memories from the 1980s. Why the 80s? Last month, for whatever wacky reason, a number of my Facebook friends began reposting several of the same Buzzfeed articles on things that were bodacious (and not so bodacious) about the 1980s. I’m not much of a Buzzfeed follower, but the frequency with which I saw these articles was too much to ignore. Of the articles, I especially gravitated towards two:

50 Things Only ’80s Kids Can Understand


53 Things Only ’80s Girls Can Understand

I was a teen by the time the 80s ended, so goddamn if each item listed didn’t bring back some rush of great/horrible thoughts from the past. I might have been a bit too old for some items, especially some of the iconic 80s toys, but with two younger siblings, most of that just stuff just couldn’t be avoided. Also, it took me awhile to mentally mature, a process that I’m pretty sure is still happening. Sadly. And happily. Anyway, both lists were inspiring enough to engender a desire to share what I recall of the pop culture detritus of the power decade, no matter how great/horrible it was or seems to be now.

But I’m not going to blast out 100+ posts about 80s crap for a year because, christ almighty, I can only handle so much! Instead, I selected items from these Buzzfeed lists that served up the most tangible and clarified remembrances, and I’ll write only about those. As I mentioned above, these posts will be alternated on Wednesdays with my regular game posts. That means you’ll get a game article this Wednesday evening, an 80s article next Wednesday night, a game article after that, and so and so forth through the end of the year. Reblogs continue on Mondays, and I’ll keep on with posting my iTunes Diaries on the last day of each month.

The "big hair" trend will therefore remain a perpetual mystery. (source)
The “big hair” trend will therefore remain a perpetual mystery. (source)

There. I do like having that all written down; and hopefully things will go according to plan. Although my cynical self is screaming at me, “You damn MORON! You can’t PLAN out a WHOLE YEAR like this?! What if you get HIT by a TRUCK?? Or the APOCALYPSE happens?? Or your cat PUKES all over the STAIRS and you don’t see it and you SLIP and FALL and end up in a COMA??!! Then what??!! Huh?? HUH??? There goes you FUCKING PLAN then!!!”

My cynical self, it has a big mouth sometimes. And apparently it’s a bit preoccupied with death.

No way whatsoever. (source)
No way whatsoever. (source)

Truth is, as we all know, a plan is just plan. I’m sure the path to the end of the year will have it’s far share of bumps, but that’s okay. Can’t face the obstacles till they happen. All I know is that blogging will happen. Blog reading and commenting will happen. Me being an on-again-off-again nuisance on Twitter will happen. Even the best laid plans can’t foresee what will happen in between, but I’ll make do. So cynical self, you can just SHUT THE HELL UP!


Ahhhh. Much better.


  1. I look forward to more blogging awesomeness from you! I like the idea of reading your ’80s nostalgia. I was born in the ’80s and grew up in the ’90s, but I still remember some stuff from the ’80s. I thought it was a pretty good decade. At least my generation had some really great toys (and some not so good ones)! 🙂


    • I’m looking forward to kicking off this year of blogging as well! Hopefully the 80s posts will be as interesting as I think they will be. (If nothing else, at least we’ll get to laugh at some of the wackiness from that decade!)


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