I Shop (In Games), Therefore I Am

There’s nothing like collecting money in games; and nothing quite like shopping in games either, which has become something of a bad habit for me. After spending time with lots of games where “money” was scarce or didn’t exist at all, I’ll take a good shopping spree in Los Santos, Hong Kong, or Albion any day. In this article I wrote for United We Game, I expound upon these and related thoughts (all the while wishing that my real bank account looked 1/10th as bloated as my many game “bank accounts”).


While I wouldn’t call it a “problem,” I have a bit of as shopping habit. In games. And before you start I’m with a “women and shopping” bit, just you hush. But…well, it is kind of bad. Just the other day, I spent over an hour in Grand Theft Auto V driving my character to different clothing stores in the game, trying on different stuff, and buying whatever I though looked good. I had no idea if my character was going to need his money in the future, but in that hour, it didn’t matter. I simply had to increase his wardrobe.

I’m a fan of character customization, but this shopping thing goes beyond that. Sure, if I’m going to spend a bunch of time with a character, I want him or her to look as good as possible. But in most cases, the clothing or armor you’re asked or…

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