Taking a break

What’s this?! I’m breaking my hallowed schedule for a Thursday post?? Well, no…I mean, yes…well…um… This isn’t really a real post, for reals. The fact of the matter is that I’m worn out. Exhausted. Spent. The chaotic merriment of the holidays overloaded my senses, my wits, and my brain cells. Therefore, under “doctor’s orders,” I’m sending myself a two-week vacation. From this blog. I’ll still be posting on United We Game and Geek Force Network, but I’m taking a break from conjuring and relaying memories here, if only because I’ve got lots of forward-thinking that needs be done. Also, I’m sooooo totally behind on blog reading and podcast listening, it’s truly embarrassing. I need to take some time to get back on my once-regular leisure trips to the blogosphere.

So, if you pop over here in the next couple weeks (and I hope you all do), you’ll find reblogs (or other bits of bloggy fun) rather than original posts. This will at least help me stay invested in what I’ve got going here. And I’ll still answer comments and such because, c’mon, it’s not like I’ll be dead or something. (Um, hopefully.) I’ll be back on the 22nd with all new material and post ideas. (For a sneak peak into something I have in mind, check this out.) Till then, I’ll be hovering about making trouble friendly conversations wherever and whenever.

Kitteh says, no chair, no work.
Kitteh says: No chair, no work.


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