Have no fear, it’s the Blog of the Year (award)!

So. Has December completely flown by at light speed for anyone else? I have wonderful memories of Thanksgiving and getting ready for the beginning of the Christmas season. And then, all of a sudden it WAS Christmas! And now, inevitably, New Year’s Eve and Day are right around the corner.  But despite the fact that the speed of time is directly proportional to ten times one’s age (huh?), I can’t complain about the month too much as I’ve been thrice nominated for the Blog of the Year Award! This sweet bit of recognition came courtesy of the fantastic , the brilliant Duck of Indeed, and the wonderful simpleek! Hugs and thanks to you all!

We’re all old friends by now and get how these things work, right? There’s more to these awards than simply plastering thanks all over the place. As such, I must complete the following:

1. Select the blogs you believe are deserving of the nomination. Okay, I’ve got a bunch in mind…

2. Write a post about the blogs you chose to nominate and present the blogs with the award. That’s going on right now. How meta…

3. Let the blogs know they have been nominated and the rules involved in accepting the award. After I’m done here, I’ll get to that…

4. Come over and say ‘hello’ to the promulgator of the Blog of the Year award at this link. Surely and gladly, but one thing at time please…

5. You can additionally join the Blog of the Year Facebook page and share your posts. I promise to take a gander…

6. Lastly, link back to the blog that nominated you, and proudly display the award for all to see and start gathering stars! Done above and below…

© Blog of the Year Award
© Blog of the Year Award

As for my nominations, first off, I’d like to tag back my nominators: ,  Duck of Indeedsimpleek. You guys deserve more stars!

And I hereby bestow stars upon fellow bloggers who have been working hard since the beginning of 2013 (and then some!):

At the Buzzer
What’s Your Tag?
The Chindividual
Phoenix Down
Game, Complain, Repeat
Games I Made My Girlfriend Play

And now, as we approach the end of what has been, at least for me, a questionable year, sally forth and ring in the New Year with plenty of whatever make you happy!


  1. Thank you kindly sir. Great to see my cynical, moaning blog amongst such great gaming contributors (and yes I have read them). All the best to you and my fellow bloggers for 2014. It’s going to be epic!


    • You’re so very welcome! I love your blog and hope that you have continued success throughout the year (and beyond)! 🙂


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