Gaming Idiosyncrasies

Here’s a post that went up last week over on United We Game. Though we are united as gamers, each of us has own own set of gaming idiosyncrasies that set us apart from the crowd. In this article, I cover one my biggest quirks that I embrace yet, in some ways, still struggling to overcome: starting a game series anywhere other than the beginning.


Gaming idiosyncrasies, quirks, preferences — most gamers posses them to varying degrees. From playing only during a particular time of day, to having a preferred TV setup (that must NEVER be altered), to eating certain snacks only with certain games, they are what make gamers true individuals. And maybe a little…neurotic. Oh, I’m not making fun; you tell me it isn’t the truth! Personally, I have a Pelican PS3 controller that I never let anyone borrow. (It’s mine and it fits my hands perfectly!) I always, nay, I am compelled to read game manuals before starting up a game. And I’m still working on my queasy fear of first-person-perspective games. As silly as these quirks might be, they aren’t nearly as problematic as the most prominent peculiarity with which I continue to struggle: starting a game series at some point other than the beginning.

I haven’t always been so conscious…

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  1. I don’t really have a problem starting a video game series with one of the sequels. For example, I’ve played Megaman Battle Network and Megaman X, but I’ve never played any of the classic series. I’ve never even watched any walkthroughs of the classic series, I don’t even really know a lot about the classic series (except for the basics, like Dr. Wily’s the bad guy and Protoman is Megaman’s brother, stuff like that). Another example would be the Kingdom Hearts series, as much as I love the series I haven’t played the first game in it. I also haven’t played Kingdom Hearts II, but I have played Kingdom Hearts 358/2 days and Dream Drop Distance. So, I guess all of us gamers really do have different habits. The only one of mine that I can think of at the moment is that I tend to yell at bosses. And not only do I yell at them, I give them death threats. It’s kinda interesting too, the whole house can be completely quiet, when suddenly, I start yelling like this; “HOLD STILL SO I CAN KILL YOU! NO! DO NOT HIT ME! JUST STOP MOVING AROUND AND DIE!”. Do you ever do that, or is it just me?


    1. I’ve been known to fling choices words at video game character from time to time. Actually, I have a really bad tendency of talking to myself while I’m playing. Thank goodness I usually game alone! 😀


      1. I talk to myself when I’m playing too! Then again, I tend to talk to myself a lot, so it’s really nothing new.

        Sometimes a boss will make me so mad that I just want to reach my hand into the game and punch them. Like this one time when I was playing Kingdom Hearts Re:Chain of Memories, I was fighting Ursula and made the mistake of bringing mostly fire cards into the battle. I quickly ran out of cards, and she still had almost full health. I was stuck fighting her for at least an hour. It was not fun. Have you ever been stuck fighting a boss for an insanely long time?


        1. I’ve not played Re: Chain of Memories, but I’ve heard that Ursula is a very difficult boss.

          I hate to admit it, but I’ve given up on some games due to difficult boss battles! Right now, I’m stuck on a boss in Metroid Prime, and no matter what I do I can’t seem to beat him. Every few days I go back to the game to try to beat him, and each time, no luck. I may try again soon, but it’s very frustrating.


          1. I’ve never played the Metroid series, which boss are you stuck on?

            I’ve given up on games due to difficult boss battles as well. I never even finished Re: Chain of Memories, because I couldn’t defeat the mid-way boss. And I had actually almost given up on Battle Network because of Colorman. I’m glad I didn’t, though, it’s been a lot of fun.


            1. The MP boss I can’t get past is Thardus. He requires a lot of hits and it’s difficult (for me) to maneuver around him properly to inflict enough damage. I’m due to give that game another go soon, so maybe I’ll have better luck then.


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