Angry Birds, Museum-Bound

I can’t resist a video games-museum crossover, even if it involves a game as ubiquitous as Angry Birds. Over on United We Game I reported on a new venture by Rovio regarding an Angry Birds traveling exhibition that may be coming to a museum/science center near you next year. As video games make inroads culturally, is this a sign of good things to come or a harbinger of doom?


I almost can’t believe my eyes as I sit here looking at a press release titled:

Rovio Announces “Angry Birds Universe: The Art and Science of a Global Phenomenon” Traveling Exhibit 

Angry Birds…in a museum? My mind reels. First off, wow! Second off, thank goodness for United We Game, because how can I NOT write about this?

You can check out the full press release here, but yes, it’s true. Sometime in 2014 a traveling Angry Birds exhibit will be headed out to select American museums and science centers. The announcement came direct from Rovio at this week’s International Association of Amusement Parks and Attractions’ annual meeting. Rovio summed up the venture as follows:

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  1. Angry Birds isn’t one of my favorite games, but this could be good news for other video game series. Who knows, maybe someday we’ll be able to just mention a video game in a store and one or two people will know what we’re talking about and join the conversation. Hey, have you ever played any of the Megaman games?


    • So true! How nice would it be to one day be able to hold a conversation about video games with a complete stranger as easily as some can do about the weather.

      I’ve played several Mega Man games, most recently Mega Man X2. You?


      • I’ve only actually played two Megaman games, and I haven’t beaten either one. But, I know almost all the Megaman X series storyline, and the whole Megaman Zero storyline. Do you know a good X6 walkthrough that doesn’t have commentary? I’m working on beating Megaman Battle Network. Have you ever played any of the games in that series?


        • No, I’ve heard of the Battle Network series but not played any of the games. Good luck as you work your way through them. I also don’t know of any good X6 video walkthroughs, but I’ll keep my eye out for any!


          • Thanks for looking. In most of the videos I’ve found the person doing it hates the game. I don’t know if you like anime or not, but there’s a Battle Network anime, if you’re interested. And thanks for the luck. I had trouble beating Colorman, and he’s a clown on a giant bouncy ball. I have a post on my blog about it to prove it.


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