Tactfully turning the terrific and tenacious two

Hey there you lovely followers, readers, and Internet fly-overs!  I’m silly excited and giddy and redundant cause I get to say happy birthday to myself as Recollections of Play turns two years old today! That’s what… like, 57 in blog years? Math is not my forte. Looking back though, this year was so much BIGGER than just this blog. And I really mean BIGGER cause it’s in all caps, y’know.

[Insert mandatory and witty "cake is a lie" comment here]
[Insert mandatory and witty “cake is a lie” comment here]
First off, over the past year I’ve met so many more wonderful bloggers and have gotten to know better the one’s who’ve stuck with me the longest. WordPress alone has really been a fantastic blogging platform. Through the mysteries of the Internet (though not really), I was Freshly Pressed this past June…and holy shit ya’ll! Somehow I’ve gotten bunches of followers! I have a feeling that most don’t exist as humans in the real world, but it’s nice to see anyway. Meanwhile, over on social networks, Twitter (sigh) I wish I could quit you, dammit, but I’m too deep in your well of fun and randomness to stop now (except when I’m, like, totally busy). That platform was such a mystery to me at first. But now I get it. Though my time on it waxes and wanes, it’s proven to be an incredibly useful tool for spreading and sharing knowledge. And it’s through those connections that the blogging community shines. And what a strong and supportive community it is!

Also, did you know I have a Google+ page? Well, you do now! So why not add me in one of those circle things, and maybe someday I’ll figure out how to actually use G+ for the better. Or…maybe it’s supposed to happen the other way round, but still…add me. It’ll be fun. You get to push a button and everything.

Um…anyway…community. Speaking of community brings me to the biggest leaps I’ve taken during the past year: United We Game and Geek Force Network. If you’d have told me as year ago that blogging would lead to real collaboration with real people, I’d have thought you were touched in the head, I say with a sad, fake southern accent. I had a great time early on in the year working with the crew at Link Dead Gaming; and this opportunity opened up to me the world of online teamwork and possibilities. So when Hatm0nster of My Two Caps put out the word about forming a new gaming site based on community involvement, I simply couldn’t say no. With another fantastic blogger on board, The Duck of Indeed, we got UWG up and running in April. Since then, I say oh so humbly, along with our wonderful contributors, we’ve been outputting some wonderful content where the focus has been not just on blogging but on really interacting with and building a community with other game bloggers and content creators.

Meanwhile, over on Geek Force Network, the same sense of community brought together a very talented group of people.. What started as a “well here’s an idea” post on Twitter, grew into an amazing site where geek is the name of the game, but it’s not there only name in town. In fact, one if the absolute best things about GFN is that we as writers have creative control over what we blog about. So when my mind gets saddled with a thought, geeky or not, I know I have an outlet for it. The fun of GFN is in the freedom; and you never know what to expect from any given writer there. It’s a veritable cornucopia of awesomeness!

If I had an actual birthday cake, I’d be getting ready to make my wish over a single number “2” candle. But wishes are for the future, which I can’t predict. Right here, right now, I just want to say thank you. Thank you to all the new people who’ve chosen to follow my randomness, and thank you to my long-time followers for making this a really fun place to be. I look forward to continuing the game memories, the music stories, and the array of who-knows-what-else throughout the year to come. And I hope you’ll stick with me through it all!

(I hereby kick off this birthday celebration with a picture of my cat. Because he cares, except he really doesn’t.)

No really, he doesn't.
No really, he doesn’t.


  1. YAY! Happy official blog birthday, Cary! 🙂 I’m really glad I “met” you and I’m glad to be one of your many adoring and loyal followers. I look forward to more blogging awesomeness and Twitter hijinks with you!


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