When Glitches Just Ruin It

Last month over on United We Game, I told the sad, sad story of how glitches marred the experience of The Last of Us for me as the viewer and my significant other as the player. As terrible as it sounds, they really did ruin the game; and though I’m not pointing any fingers (*cough* GameFly *cough*), I’m pretty sure we just got a bad disc. Still, it was enough to relegate The Last of Us, hailed as one of the best games of the year, to the far backseat of our gaming SUV until the glitchy experience becomes a very distance memory.


The Last of Us is considered one of the “must play” games of 2013. It’s received praise upon praise for its story, mechanics, and style. Despite all the great reviews and such, we decided to rent it first. (Hey, there’s a lot of great games to spend a hard-earned $60 on these days!) When it finally arrived last weekend, my husband called dibs on playing it first. I was looking forward to watching it more than playing, so I settled in for some visual fun.

The game took a very long time to load and stalled once during the process; but we didn’t think much of it — we’ve had similar issues with PS3 games before, particularly games we’ve rented. When things finally got underway, the viewing experience was beautiful. The Last of Us is truly deserving as far as art and art direction go. Everything in the game is…

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  1. Oh, no! I’m so sorry that happened, cary. And what a shame, cause it truly is a fantastic game.Hopefully, you’ll have a better experience when you get back to it in the future. Game breaking glitches I’ve encountered? Luckily, I’ve been able to avoid most of them. The latest one was in Fallout 3, where I stupidly didn’t save for a few hours. It glitched and 4-5 hours of progress was gone in a flash.


    1. Yeah, that sucks. I know that glitches are just an unfortunate side effect of games being games (but hell, just about anything electronic is prone to glitches), yet when they are bad, they’re really bad. After a lot of thought, we decided to put The Last of Us back in the Gamefly queue, way at the bottom though, so it’ll be several months before we see it. Hopefully we’ll get a better copy when its time comes.


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