The relationships we keep, with humans and games

Last week on the Geek Force Network, I wrote about my relationships both with games and my better half. I’ve touched upon some of the themes I addressed in my posts here, but consider this GFN article a collected effort of those themes. When you have true a true passion for a hobby like gaming, it helps to find someone who shares it. But even the most the most alike of couples have their differences.

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Last Saturday, Robo♥Beat owner and GFN writer and  Ashley Hagood posted a wonderful article about finding time to game – I highly recommend you check it out if you haven’t already. Oddly enough, that same day, the notion she discussed about time and gaming manifested itself in reality — my reality. Shortly after reading her post, my husband and I started a discussion about our plans for rest of the weekend. During that talk, I mentioned (in passing, I thought) that I wanted to squeeze in some GTA V. Without missing a beat, my husband perked up with a half-sarcastic, half-serious comment along the lines of have you always been such a gamer? I paused for a moment and replied with an enthusiastic and slightly exaggerated uhhh…YEAH! We ended our conversation, but I could stop thinking have I been talking about GTA V that much recently? And yes, I probably…

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  1. I wrestle with this often as a gamer married to a non gamer. I try to make sure our time together comes first, but as lame as it seems for some reason i get cranky when I don’t have time to play after a few days. So my solution has been to game at night instead of sleeping…not a great solution haha


    • Yes, cranky — I know exactly what you mean! It’s like withdrawal or something, right? We kind of keep the same schedules here, so off-hours gaming isn’t easy to come by. I usually wait till the weekends when we can both find a little time to be occupied by different games or if he has a multiplayer appointment with friends.


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