There’s A Change a-Happenin’ (I Can Feel It)

 Have you seen Walk Hard: The Dewey Cox Story? Not accounting for taste (cause I’m hardly one to judge), it’s a fun, silly, and dedicated movie with a golden soundtrack. But that is neither here nor there (nor there or back over here). I’m popping in to report a few changes that will be happening round these parts starting in October.

Regular readers probably have noticed by now that I’ve never had much of a schedule for this blog. When I set out, I figured two posts a week, or a post about every 5 days, seemed like a reasonable goal to meet. And things here have been moving at a fine pace for while now. But life outside of this blog has been moving along at a very swift pace…to call it “busy” would be an an understatement. I’ll soon be facing some new things at work that will affect my schedule. At home, we’ve finished with one set of renovations and will be starting others, and we are we working on adding a dog to our ranks, (the cat will be overjoyed, I’m sure), which is something of a complicated process.

I suspect much worse will be in store.
I suspect much will be in store.

Meanwhile on the Internet, my work at Geek Force Network has been happily steady. (Have you checked out our new weekly featured Full Force? Because you totally should.) Over on United We Game, I recently wrapped up a series on my “deserted island” games, and I’m getting ready to help provide new daily content for the site. This, in particular, will affect just how much time I have to regularly write. In the end, something has to give, and that something is this blog, because this is where I have the most control.

So the biggest change you’ll notice is that I’ll be implementing a schedule. That’s right, I’m starting a simple yet regular timetable of posts. On Mondays: reblogs of my writings from UWG or GFN, or reblogs of great posts from some of the sites I currently follow. On Wednesdays: original posts focusing on game memories. I’m heading slowly but surely to the end of my games list, so it’s possible that I might expand into other facets of nostalgia occasionally — books, music, cartoons, toys, etc. (Maybe. I don’t know. We’ll see…) I’m also going to be continuing with my iTunes diary series, posts for which go up on the last day of each month. (If that day happens to be a Monday or Wednesday, you’ll get two posts that day. Bonus!)

You may also see a site redesign in the coming months. I’ve previously stated that I really like the Mystique theme I have going here, and I still do; but I’ve been playing around with some of the newer WordPress themes and have found a few that offer a little more functionality. Not that I need anything fancy, but I like the notion of juxtaposing a more modern look with nostalgic writing. Or…maybe I’m getting tired of my boring blue background.

That’s pretty much the extent of my thoughts at the moment. Thanks for sticking around, or, if you’re new here, thanks for joining the ranks! I’m looking forward to making things a little more habitual around here, for your sake and mine.


    1. Lol, I’m happy with both dogs and cats – making them get along though is another story!

      The writing for each site is very different, that helps keep things fresh and interesting. If I was only writing about one topic or in one style, that would definitely lead to burnout. So far, so good!


      1. I love your positive attitude! 🙂 Well wherever you go I’ll be stalking you, online anyway….you’re to international for me to stalk you…anyway


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