The ABC’s of my gaming life

This has nothing to do with anything, I just think it's adorable.
This has nothing to do with anything, I just think it’s adorable.

At the risk me getting all self-centered up in here, awhile ago one of my posts was featured on Freshly Pressed. It was the nicest and strangest thing that’s happened to me in recent blogging memory. Not only was it nice to get a little recognition, but it was totally fun to chat in the comments with a bunch of new people about games. And some of those nice people even chose to follow this blog! To any newcomers I belatedly say welcome! And to any seasoned vets who are still sticking with me, I say thank you! It occurred to me that, with the way bloggers find one another and read other blogs, some people might not care to head back to the beginning of my blog to read about how this mess started and what has ensued since. So taking a little inspiration from The Duck of Indeed, who you should totally read and who, not long ago, featured a fun ABC list, I’m writing up this ABC list that relates to games in my past blog posts. If you could care less about the posts, this will give you a quick rundown of my life with video games. Or, if you are the nicest person ever, you can click the links to go to any of the related posts, which would be AWESOME. So, shall we get on with it…?

Alexandra — The name of my most active Shepard from the Mass Effect games. I played the original Mass Effect several times with several different characters; but I liked most the path of my (mostly) paragon Colonial Vanguard, Alexandra Shepard. I beat both Mass Effect 2 and 3 with her. I’d like to think that she would somehow survive into ME4, but rumors would suggest otherwise.

BFG9000 — The best weapon in DOOM, obviously. And maybe the best weapon in any game. There was no stopping me or anyone once the BFG9000 was in the hands of the game’s ubiquitous and nameless colonial marine.

Chan Jaoming — The most insane of all the wacky characters in GTA: Chinatown Wars. I mean, I was kinda shocked by just how crazy Chinatown Wars was for a DS game; but Chan’s actions and dialogue made me gasp and laugh among sleepy train commuters.

Dagran — Dagran, one of the primary and most important characters from The Last Story, was nowhere near as dreamy as Lowell, but he was absolutely the most intriguing. His arc in the game was nothing less than brilliant.

Earthworm Jim — C’mon, an earthworm in a space suit?? How could this not be a character to adore? The goofy and groovy Earthworm Jim games were some of my favorite platform games of the 90s. AND, he was in a super cool cartoon!

Fable — Specifically Fable 2. The original Fable was great, and I liked Fable 3 despite some unfortunate drawbacks in story, but I sunk sooooo many enjoyable hours into Fable 2. Somewhere I still have my Fable 2 save, and since you could rack up money when you weren’t playing the game, I’m pretty sure my hero is a multi-multi-billionaire. She did own, like, three-quarters of Albion when I left her, after all.

GLaDOS — One of the most inventive and unusual antagonists in any game I’ve ever played. Her straight-laced, evil quips in Portal were genius. And her life as a potato in Portal 2 was truly inspired…and hilarious.

Hazy Maze Cave — My least favorite of Super Mario 64 levels, but probably the one that I could navigate with my eyes closed because I spent SO MUCH TIME DYING in that stupid cave with its stupid poison gas. Yeah, being Mario wasn’t all wine and roses all the time, y’know.

Ifrit – My favorite summon in Final Fantasy VII. For whatever reason, I tend towards fire summons when available, and the Hellfire power released by Ifrit was pretty powerful. Plus I liked the way he emerged from the ground all powerful and ready for battle!

Joust — I never really got Joust, with its flying ostriches and disappearing platforms. But that didn’t mean I didn’t try my damnedest to beat the stupid game on our Atari. I was never very good at controlling those crazy, flying birds, and I usually always ended up flying right into lava.

Kazooie — Speaking of birds, Kazooie is one of my favorite sidekicks. When teamed up with Banjo in those great SNES games harboring their names, she and that bear were unstoppable. And I loved the sounds of the little squawks she made upon running or complete a task.

LEGO — LEGO and TT games took some of the world most beloved franchises, turned them on their ear, and sent players into virtual LEGO-collecting frenzies. From Star Wars to Harry Potter to the Marvel Universe, there’s not a bad LEGO version among them.

Morrigan — Just when I thought I’d remain a Zangeif devotee when it came to my cache of fighting games, along comes Morrigian looking so innocent and devilish with her bat wings, light green hair, and “come hither” look.  I first met her in Capcom vs. SNK 2, and since then, she’s pretty much been my go-to fighter in games in which she’s available. Zangeif is still my steadfast number 2, but I just can’t get enough of Morrigan’s specials. Special moves, that is.

Nathan Drake – Take the best of Indiana Jones, minus the fedora and whip, and you’ve got Nathan Drake. I know, I know, the Indy comparisons are showing their age now, but it just can’t be helped. Nathan Drake is my favorite video game treasure hunter – he’s funny, handsome, and knows his way around guns and puzzles. Really, what more could a girl want?

Oswald the Lucky Rabbit – The choice to re-invent the Disney universe in the Epic Mickey games was one thing. The choice to revive an actual, long lost Disney character, namely Oswald, was nothing short of fantastic. He was bad but not really “bad” in Epic Mickey; and I loved uncovering his story throughout the game.

Pole Position – The first racing game I ever played, and probably the one at which I was the most successful. If you take away all the fancy designs, car models, and environments of any of today’s racing games, what you’re left with is Pole Position – just racing. Just you trying to make it to first place. Is there any loftier goal in games?

Quake – After enjoying the hell outta DOOM and DOOM 2, I was so ready for Quake. But life took a few unexpected twists and turns, gaming veered out of the way, and Quake passed me by. I know that today no game is really lost forever, so I still hope to give it a shot someday.

Red Dead Redemption – The best and most enjoyable game I’ve played in the last 6 months. Though I’ve completed it, I do want to go back at some point and complete the many side quests I left behind, even if I have to do it with the lesser of the two Marstons.

Super Mario World – Pretty much THE best Mario game EVER. Yep, you heard me. THE. BEST. EVER. Better than the original. Better than Super Mario 3. Better than Super Mario Galaxy. Fantastic design, great gameplay, and a brilliant soundtrack combine into one of the best games on offer for the SNES. Sorry, that’s just how it is.

Tecmo Super Bowl – Sure, I’ve played a couple of the Madden games, but I have fonder memories of playing Tecmo Super Bowl with my brother. The game was ideal for football fans, but it was also easy enough for non-football fans to grasp. Plus, it contained real teams – no Colorado Octopi or Idaho Ligers here.

Underground – The interesting real/non-real setting of The World Ends With You. In this odd yet wonderful DS game, the Underground was sorta like a parallel Japan for dead people, like the main character, Neku. The way players traversed the Underground made for a very unique gaming experience.

Voodoo — My absolute least favorite car in GTA IV. Seriously. Driving this 1960s-esque boat of a car felt like driving a piece of lead. The Voodoo was slow, terrible in a chase, and had poor handling, though it could take a fair amount of damage before blowing up. Still, I did plenty of carjackings in order to escape having to drive one of these monsters around Liberty City.

Wind Waker – My favorite entry in the Zelda series, followed by the Phantom Hourglass. Not everyone liked Link’s new cel-shaded look, but I’m not everyone. I loved it and though it added to the charm of this wonderfully fun game. I’m not at all tempted to shell out $350 for a WiiU to play Wind Waker HD. Well…maybe I am…a little…

Xenoblade Chronicles – Great game but a sad entry for me. It heralded in the realization that I just don’t have time for a 70+ hour RPG anymore. At least not right now. Maybe I will…again…someday…

Yoshi – what do you get when you mash together a transportation system and a sidekick? Yoshi! His happy smile and quick tongue made him a star in Super Mario World; and that star has only gotten brighter over the years. True, he’s been less helpful in some games than others, but he’s still pretty awesome as far as Mario characters go.

Zebes – the main planet in Super Metroid, one of the best games ever (and that’s including Super Mario World). In this classic and most awesome of platform games, bounty hunter extraordinaire Samus must survive through various levels on the planet Zebes as she hunts down the infamous space pirate Ridley. Zebes should be a real planet. I mean, it’s a big universe, y’know? It could be out there.


  1. Wonderful list! I wish I could conduct a list as long, but my own gaming experience would come up short. By the way, I don’t care if that bear meme is not related to your post, it’s still super cute! I can stare at it all day. 🙂


    • It was too cute a meme to pass up! Thanks for the kind words. This was fun to write, but I’m not so sure that a long list is a good thing — makes me think that maybe I could have devoted all those hours to something a little more productive. But only maybe. 😉


  2. Congrats! I haven’t really been around super long but I’ve enjoyed your content so far and hope to continue enjoying it for a while to come (I also agree that super mario world was the best lol)


    • Thanks! And yes, I hope you like what’s to come (whatever that is – I don’t think about this much in advance!)

      Just thinking about Super Mario World brings to mind the music – pretty sure I’m going to be thinking about it all day now, haha!


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