Adventures in wi-fi with the Nexus 7

Last month I picked up my first tablet — a shiny, new Google Nexus 7. And what a wonderful machine it is! I’ve been having a blast searching the Google Play store and using it to keep up with blogging. It’s already affecting the way I game as well. But getting started with the thing was far from easy. In this post I wrote for Geek Force Network, I run down the trails and tribulations of connecting the Nexus to the all-powerful Internet.

Geek Force Network

I’ve been lingering about in the world without a tablet for a good long while now. “But Cary,” you say, “don’t you have a Kindle Fire?” Yes I do, but the Fire is not a tablet. It is lovely e-reader that should really just stick to being an e-reader. While it downloads books with ease and works great for perusing Amazon, it stinks at just about everything else.  It has a horrible web browser, an on-screen keyboard that only works in the presence of three goats sprinkled with unicorn sparkles, a clunky app store, and a processor that chugs along like that 3 mile-long train that stopped traffic the other day. With my Kindle frustrations at an all-time high, I figured that I finally needed to get with the times.

And by “get with the times” I mean “remain comfortably in the technological past with a machine that’s on the…

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