Community Post: On Co-op Play and My Lack of It

Early this month on United We Game, we tackled the topic of co-op play. It was great to read all the different perspectives on cooperative play with others, whether locally or online. My own post on the subject took a typically negative turn that I rounded out in a positive way. I certainly don’t hate co-op play, but it’s not something that I regularly seek out. What do you think? Comments on this and any of our posts are always welcome!


As a solitary, curmudgeonly gamer with control issues who doesn’t get out much, I don’t have a million and one stories involving co-op play in games. In the early days, my siblings and I used to hand off SNES controllers to play rounds with Mario, which is one form of co-op play, but not the kind I’m thinking of here. In terms of actually having to cooperate with other players to help everyone make it through a game, I can really only remember two such experiences. Yep, two instances of cooperative play in which I took part. And one was probably my worst experience ever with a game, and the other was near the top of my favorite experiences.  Let’s start with the bad news first.

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