More on music, because apparently I don’t game anymore

With the 4th of July holiday around the corner and one to many other obligations nipping at my heels, my brain has recently turned to spaghetti.  I’m having trouble remembering my own damn name this week, let along remembering what all I’m supposed to bring to this gathering or that picnic. Needless to say, I’m a little short on the game memories right now. But one thing that’s keeping me going is music. Lots and lots of music. So this week I’m bastardizing a music tagging game that once went around the facebooks a couple years ago — put your iPod on shuffle, list the first 15 songs that appear, and tag 15 friends. Well, I’m not tagging anyone (however if you want to play along, knock yourself out), but I am covering 15 songs in some manner. I’ll throw up with the first five songs with videos and images from my iPod, just so you know I’m not cheating. (Though I would never, ever cheat you, you know that.) And then I’ll list the rest. And feel free to judge, hurl rotten Internet tomatoes in my general direction, or laugh, because I couldn’t give two fucks what you think about my musical choices.

Sorry. That was really harsh. I’m a little on edge, stressed out and all that. Sorry, really. How bout we just get on with the music?


From YouTube user Stephen McElvain

I’m an unabashed Steely Dan fan, and their debut album Can’t Buy a Thrill is simply amazing. Dare I go on about how much I love lead singer Donald Fagen’s buttery, smooth voice? Anyway, Can’t Buy A Thrill produced two radio staples, “Do It Again” and “Reelin’ in the Years.” The simple chorus harmonies in “Dirty Work” work well opposite Fagen’s moderately sad/angry lyrics. There are moments that define the song as “early 70’s soft rock,” but it still holds up today nonetheless.


From YouTube user Vortexiii

Ugh. Of all the songs to show up off Burning London: The Clash Tribute, it would have to be this one. Look, I have no problem with Ice Cube. I mean, c’mon, Friday? A classic movie. And he’s a hip-hop legend besides. And Mack 10…um, well…okay. I’m not a fan, but I know he has plenty, so let’s just leave it at that. There are lots of versions of The Clash’s fantastic hit “Should I Stay or Should I Go,” and yes, we have to count this one if we’re all being honest with ourselves. As a tribute album, Burning London offers up some great tracks and some not-so-great tracks; and in life, we have to take the good with the bad, right?


From YouTube user brafftastico

My iPod could care less if it’s snowing or 90 degrees in the shade. Whenever I put it on shuffle, a few Christmas songs inevitably slip through. Usually, when it’s not Christmastime, I skip over them. Vince Guaraldi’s music is the only exception. I could listen to A Charlie Brown Christmas at Easter, Labor Day, and Halloween, and it would never lose its lustre. Guaraldi is a musical genius, not to mention a badass piano player and a jazz icon. I love, love, love his any of his music any time of year.


From YouTube user AlexzanderMa Olyoutub

No, you’re not being Rick Rolled or Miller-ized. YouTube videos of Steve Miller’s song “Cry Cry Cry” have been blocked. I did find a link to the song on, which you can click if you dare.  (I did, so we’ll see if I get a letter or something.) Regardless, yes, that’s the video to Steve Miller’s strange offering “Abracadabra,” which is a fun song, but the video…well…I really don’t know what happened there except blame the 80s. Meanwhile “Cry Cry Cry” is a newer Miller song that harkens back to his bluesy beginnings. It’s catchy if not terribly memorable. If they had paired it up with a bizarre video ripe with S&M tendancies, maybe it would be more so.


From YouTube user EagleShin

“Long Train Runnin'” brings this portion of my playlist full circle since guitarist Jeff Baxter played for both The Doobie Brothers and Steely Dan. Tune into any classic rock radio station, and you’re not going to escape the sounds of The Doobie Brothers. But who’d want to? “Long Train Runnin'” is a great rock song, hook, line, and sinker. Though I got this song off a “best of” album, “Long Train Runnin'” was originally on the album The Captain and Me, which also produced some other song you might have heard of: “China Grove.”

A nice 5 songs if I do say so myself. And here’s what rounded out my 15:

6. Need You this Way (Aerosmith vs. INXS)– The Kleptones
7. Dynamite Pressure (Queen & David Bowie vs. Taio Cruz) – DJ Tripp
8. Filthy/Gorgeous – Scissor Sisters
9. Sometimes I Wonder – Jill Scott featuring Darius Rucker
10. Me and Bobby McGee – Janis Joplin
11. Up All Night – Slaughter
12. The Love Star – Harry Simeon Choir
13. The Night Before Christmas – Gene Autry and Rosemary Clooney
14. Lush Life – Nat King Cole (Re: Generations)
15. Baracolle – Jacques Offenbach (Royal Philharmonic Orchestra)

However you stay on an even keel this holiday weekend, whether through music, tequila (keep it in check please), or fireworks in the backyard (keep those in check, too), I wish you, dear readers, a very happy and very safe 4th o’ July!

P. S. I really do still game on occasion, and I’m still writing about it every now and then on the Geek Force Network and United We Game. The memories will continue here next week when I come to my senses again after holiday. Promise.


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