So Nintendo, you want me to buy a Wii U…

Over on the Geek Force Network, I recently pondered the Wii U, the possibilities of me actually getting one, and the reasons why I haven’t. Despite a few fun things that Nintendo showed during E3, I’m still not convinced…yet.

Geek Force Network

Nintendo, I should have been the first in line to get a Wii U. I’ve been playing your games since the beginning …hell, even before the beginning with my favorite Game & Watch. I’ve gotten to know Mario well over the years. Okay…maybe he’s not my closest friend, but we could easily hang. I’ve loyally given up many, many, many hours to your systems, from the NES to the Wii and DS. I should have been standing with the heady crowds awaiting the Wii U’s arrival last November. I should have been cheering your cause from the streets to the mountaintops. I should have been overdosing on the Wii U during my holiday break. But I wasn’t, I wasn’t, and I didn’t. Instead, I was just sad and confused over your new little contraption.  What happened? Why didn’t me and U connect?

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