Please Welcome to the Interwebs…Geek Force Network!


One day, you’re rolling around on the time-suck that is Twitter with some of your fellow Twitterers thinking up cool gang group names, and the next…BAM! Geek Force Network is born! Cause that’s how babies are made…kinda.

Newly open for business, Geek Force Network is an umbrella under which rests the best of the best content from this original group of Tweetsters and others that became part of the GFN community over time. This wonderful group of people is made up of bloggers, video producers, and podcasters, who generally tend towards all that is geeky in life — video games, movies, music, comics, cosplay, anime, manga, sci-fi, fantasy, science, history, math, writing, and whatever else lies in between. The GFN, of which I’m proud to be a part, consists of a very diverse group of folks, some of whom you may already know and some you’ve yet to meet. And the GFN is not some creepy, Eyes Wide Shut cult. (Eww. At least it better not be…and get that goat away from me!) Once the site is allowed to rise and rest (like great bread…ooo, now I’m hungry), we’ll be looking for new folks to join in the fun. And again, that’s writing and producing fun, not cloaks and blood pacts “fun.” You have my word. …then again, I’m just a GFN blogger so…take that as you will.

Anyhoo, new content will be posted daily to the site, so you should totally, like, bookmark or follow it so you don’t miss anything!  And believe me, you don’t want to miss anything on the GFN.

Speaking following, where can you find the Geek Force Network? E-V-E-R-Y-W-H-E-R-E!

(Or here…)

Twitter: @geekforcenet or
Google +: Geek Force Network

You’ll find me there on Fridays, and I certainly hope to see you there as well!


    • Oh, it is a good time indeed! And it’s really worth visiting the site each day because you never know what great stories are going to appear. I hope you enjoy what you see…and, remember, joining GFN is only an email away…


    • Thank you much! I know everyone involved is really happy with the launch, and I, for one, can’t wait to get more stuff posted. 🙂


  1. GFN may not be a cult, but then again we seem to be putting together a Fire Emblem cult? Er…Game of Thrones club? Geez, a ton of geeky things are being formed through Twitter as we speak! It’s madness, or is it sanity?


    • I think I also saw something about a bad movie night? There is something good to be said about social media — none of this would have ever happened without it! So go Twitter and go GFN!


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