News and changes and stuff…

Hello nice followers and lovely people of the Internet. I’m popping in with a couple quick updates… (Yes, I know I’ve been popping in, and out, a lot lately. Last time for awhile — promise.)

–Over the next week or so, you’ll notice some visual changes to the site. I’ve been theme-hopping a bit and have been considering changing to a different look. But in the end, I decided that really like my current theme. So instead of giving the site a complete overhaul, I’ll be customizing it with a new header, new gravatars, and maybe a color change. (This new blue background is just a start.) As much as I love my Super Metroid Header and my Mario star gravatar, I think I’ve established myself enough that I no longer need to rely on those visual clues. So I’m making some new graphics. Yes, non-artistic me is creating something from thin air. Crazy! My Photoshop skills are minimal at best, and I hardly claim to have an eye for design, so the new stuff is pretty simple. Clean but colorful. Or, untrained and rustic. Let’s call it internet folk art.

–Have you visited United We Game lately?  If not, you totally should. (And this time, I’m not asking… Ahem.) We (me, Hatm0nster, and The Duck of Indeed) have been hard at work over the past month creating new content and making the site look presentable. Like, meet-your-parents presentable. And we’re now on the heels of another announcement…and announcement that will bring UWG’s rasion d’être to fruition! The announcement will be made on UWG (and Twitter and Facebook) this Saturday, 5/4/13, so stay tuned…!!! @UnitedWeGame #shareandunite

–And I thought April was busy! The Land of Real Life couldn’t be more hectic right now! I’m doing my best to keep up with new posts here, but things are probably going to be slow through May and, more than likely, into the summer. (At least until it get too damn hot to actually do stuff outside.) Hearts to you all for the comments and Tweets!

–Finally….::whispers:: GFN. What’s that? ::whispers:: Exactly. GFN.  You have been warned.


  1. More things to look forward to! It seems a bunch of us are changing the look of our blogs lately. It’s part of the evolution methinks. 😉 I’ll be locked onto to Twitter for this exciting news for United We Game!

    And…GFN is coming soon. *cue epic sounding music*


    • And evolution is a pretty good thing usually. 🙂 I started “designing” a new header months ago, but it got put on the backburner. And…

      …what’s that epic sounding music I hear??

      ::whispers:: GFN.


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