Greenheart Games, FTW!


What happens when pirates play a game development simulator and then go bankrupt because of piracy?

Friends don’t let friends download illegal games, right? Well, a dear friend of mine sent me a link to this little story of piracy and irony from Greenheart Games involving their release of Game Dev Tycoon. It’s a fascinating tale that’s more than worth learning from and sharing. Click the link above and pass it on!



    I don’t like this.
    There is something disturbingly, “me-too!”ish about it all that I can’t quite put my finger on, as well as doing the standard problem I have with most “anti-piracy” messages in that they are labeling people with an absurdly negative term, with little justification.

    Remember the Malian Pirates? They kidnap and kill people and steal money from people by force. That’s a pirate.
    A bunch of poor/young people downloading a film they want to watch once, or a game they will play for ten minutes before deleting, or an album they don’t feel is worth buying but want to give it a listen? That’s a human being with a broadband connection.

    The “me-too!” comment comes from the fact that so many other “indie” devs have already dabbled in the so-called “Pirate” market, with the most recent examples that I can remember from the top of my head being Sos (creator of the delightfully anarchic, McPixel) being featured on the front page of The Pirate Bay because he had the human decency to actually approach them rather than just call them names and cry and of course Dennaton Games (the guys behind Hotline Miami) giving out tech-support in the Pirate Bay forums for their newly released game. It was lovely and the news of both these occurrences didn’t come from the guys themselves but from word of mouth. Natural news.

    Something about this reeks of a cheap marketing gimmick to me.
    It looks like a cheap Facebook version of the far superior Game Dev Story (made by the lovely Kairosoft back in 2009) and doesn’t look like the sort of game that would have made it onto the torrent sites, had Greenheart games not put it there themselves.
    It’s called File Sharing for a reason, you have to Share the file.

    …which makes their little pie-chart all the more stupid. Can one really claim “piracy” if you actively set-out to share the files yourself?

    There is something of the Zynga about this team… Boo to them and to their rip-off of Game Dev Story… Boo I say.

    Sorry. Just my opinion of course…


    • First off, don’t you EVER be sorry about offering your opinion. It is fantastic and so are you!

      Second, I totally see your point. Greenheart’s ploy is nothing new or groundbreaking. Frankly, I hate paying for stuff in general, so I’m not going to argue with the appeal of getting something for free. But that doesn’t mean I want to seen game developers (or musiscians or filmmakers or artists) run into the ground because of illegal activity, piracy, whatever you want to call it. What’s interesting to me is how quickly these game “pirates” jump on the chance to get stuff for free. I guess I just don’t have the time or reflexes to act upon such “golden” opportunities.


      • I apologize for apologizing hehe. My opinions on The Piracy problem are pretty liberal and tend to get me pilloried when I vent them in public, so as much I trusted that you would allow me to express myself, some people don’t take so kindly to my flagrant piracy ignoring ways and tend to shout – as much as you can do that on the internet anyway!

        Calming down and reading back my comment, I must add that had I not read this post I would never have actively sought out this game, heard of Greenheart or tried the demo of the game, so despite not making me very happy, their ploy certainly worked! Brave time to steal some indie news too, what with Fez coming out on PC today over every digital service in existence.


        • Well, if you’re looking for a place to vent, I know of a little site that might be just right…(5/4/13 #shareandunite) 🙂

          Oh, and Fez! Yet another to add to my ever-growing backlog…


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