Things are so different than the were 30 years ago…or are they?

Sure, I’m a fan of video games; but I think history will always my first love. In my first piece for United We Game, I took a look back at a pivotal moment in video game history: the video game crash of the early 1980s. Are we headed towards a similar fate some 30 years later? Take a gander and offer up your own thoughts!


Though we’re just a few months into 2013, it’s already shaping up to be quite a year for gaming. As we now look to the next generation of consoles, established companies have disappeared (THQ, LucasArts) or met with financial strain (Atari). A plethora of new sequels and new IPs have promised (and, in some cases delivered) nothing less than sheer gaming ecstasy. And new technologies continue to push the boundaries between gaming and reality, forcing the question “what is a video game?”

But 2013 also marks something else a little less spectacular (or just a spectacular, depending on your point of view) — the 30th anniversary of the video game crash of 1983. It was kind of a big deal then. And now that we’re in a time of gaming overabundance, I can’t help but ponder a few parallels.

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