What the heck is United We Game??

Design credit: HatM0nster
Design credit: HatM0nster

I am so glad you asked! Awhile back I did a couple collaborative posts with HatM0nster of My Two Caps and The Duck of Indeed (which are  here and here, though I’m sure you all read them, r-i-i-i-i-ght??). We all agreed that they were fun to write and further considered expanding our collective blogging reaches. After many brainstorming emails and several dozen gallons of coffee (or maybe that was just me), United We Game was finally born.  Our purpose and mission statement are as follows:

United We Game is cooperative blog built on the ideals of community and strength in numbers. This is a place for game bloggers to network and collaborate with their peers, find inspiration for their own writing, and build awareness for themselves as a blogger and gain attention for their own blog.

Soooo…it’s just another video game blog?

You can read our official FAQ here, but no, United We Game is not just a video game blog — it’s a place for gamers and game bloggers to congregate, become inspired, share their stories, and showcase their work.  While myself, HatM0nster, and The Duck will be providing our own articles on all things gaming (original content for UWG plus material from our own blogs), United We Game is not just about us. It’s about you too! Of course we want likes and comments and social media followers, but we also want your video game articles, your gaming thoughts, and your rants…uh, impressions on the game industry. Are you a seasoned game blogger with an article or two that you’d like to flaunt? Contact us! Are you a new game blogger who’d like to gain more visibility? Contact us! Are you a blogger who doesn’t write about games on your personal site but would like to write about them? CONTACT US!

So United We Game, will make me a STAR??!!


Well…UWG is not Hollywood (though we do have sparkly personalities, without the use of illicit substances nonetheless), and we don’t really have the means to make anyone rich and famous (though what you do in you own mind is your own business), so writing with us probably won’t make you an overnight sensation.  But through United We Game, we hope to bring together game bloggers from all corners of the Internet. United We Game is the place to go if…

…you’re looking for some unique articles on games and gaming

…you’re looking for a game blog on which to impart your own thoughts

…you want to share your views with a very nice group of like-minded individuals

…you want to connect with new and veteran gamers and game bloggers

With that, please join me, HatM0nster, and The Duck at United We Game. (The site is still in progress, but we’re working on making it all nice and shiny!)

Email: wegameunited@gmail.com
Twitter @UnitedWeGame
Facebook: facebook.com/WeGameUnited


    • Oh yes, please follow! And keep UWG in mind if you’d like to share some of your articles. I’ll send out the word when we’re ready to start accepting submissions.


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