This post is like Schrodinger’s Cat, except nothing is dead, there’s an award, and there’s news (maybe)

I just got back from vacation, and boy, are my arms tired. Hahaha!

Um…that joke…is that how it…?…oh.


Yes, I’m back and very glad to be so. The past couple weeks were wonderful and relaxing, just like a vacation should be. For better or worse, however, RoP was never far from my mind, and I took some time to reflect on writing and gaming. And my monumental conclusion? I still love them both. I’m pleased with how things are progressing here and I hope those in charge of time and the future will allow me to keep up my current pace. (However, it looks like Spring has finally arrived, which means gardening! Yay!) I’m incredibly grateful to be part of a very supportive and happy blogging/gaming community – much love to my followers and readers!

And speaking of love, let’s talk about the Liebster Blog Award!


How nice to log back in only to find out that a Liebster Blog Award had been sent my way.  Thank you to The Duck of Indeed for the nomination, which I heartily accept. With the acceptance, I am to nominate five other blogs /bloggers with less than 200 followers that are deserving of a larger audience.  Much like the Duck, I’m no good at following rules…I picked seven. So there.

Playing the Canon
Game, Complain, Repeat
Pixel Bubble
The Gaming Angel
Ocarina of Time Nerd

Wonderful folks, they are, with wonderful blogs and great stories to share.

And speaking of sharing (drum roll please) . . . I have news to share!

Wait, wait. Stop with the drums because I don’t. I don’t have…news. Not yet anyway. Not until April 6th. (That’s this Saturday in case you don’t have a calendar handy.) In other words, 5 DAYS!! In five days awesomeness will be made just a little more awesome. Oh, who am I kidding…A-WHOLE-FREAKIN’-LOT MORE AWESOME! So much more awesome, in fact, that they’ll have to come up with a new word for it (like megataculous or raditacular). And what is it? You’re just gonna have to wait to find out because that’s how things are. #getunited

So that’s about it for the moment (though stay tuned… ).  I have tons to catch up on – so many posts to write, so many blogs to reads, and so many podcasts to hear!  It’s good to be home.


  1. Hello Cary, I just wanted to say thank you for your recommendation. It’s nice to know that my blogging is not going unnoticed. Many thanks friend.

    The Gaming Angel


  2. Glad your vacation went well. I actually don’t like going on vacation. I miss my video games, and I don’t want to bring my computer and have it get damaged, so I miss it, too. And I miss my cat. And my bed. And the pillows in hotels are always too thick and my neck hurts. I must be a negative person that I can complain about vacations so much.


    • I don’t think you’re negative as much as practical! I’m with you on missing the comforts of home and hotel pillows (they really are the worst). And I hate leaving our cat behind, but he’s a terrible traveler (the trip to the vet is bad enough). I once met someone who took her cat everywhere she went and to any place she found work. I can only imagine what an interesting feline that cat must have been and the interesting things it saw during it’s life.


  3. Congratulations on the award and thank you very much for nominating me! I really appreciate it! It makes me one happy cheese toastie to know you like my blog enough to nominate me. 😀
    Also, now I really really want to know what the news is and Saturday just seems so far away…


    • Y’know, if I have one goal in life, it’s to make a cheese toastie happy! 🙂 Goal achieved and you are welcome! Onward, upwards, and happy blogging!

      And right now, Saturday feels both years away and seconds away — soooooo looking forward to it myself!


  4. Hey, good job and congrats on the award, Cary! Also, thanks so much for the nomination, we’re quite honored for the inclusion. 🙂
    I also agree with Simpleek, can’t wait for you to break your news on Saturday!


    • Thanks much! Accepting the award is entirely up to you. What do any of us deserve in life, after all? A little recognition is not so bad now and again I suppose, even in this form. May the wind always be in your sails…uh, at your…back? Crap. You know what I mean.


  5. Congrats on the award, Cary! It’s a nice award to have since I have been nominated for it more than once before. 😉 And finally! All this mystery will be put to an end. The suspense, Cary! I have gots to know!


    • Thank you! I’m tingling from the suspense myself. I just hope that I’M ready for all the awesomeness that will ensue!


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