Review: Gears of War: Judgment

March was a helluva month for games, wasn’t it? Between Tomb Raider and Bioshock Infinite, there was no shortage of great games vying for our attention. Amid all the madness, I kinda forgot that a new Gears of War title was due out: Judgement. But just because I’m terrible at following the news, it doesn’t mean the game itself was forgettable. Or was it? Check out this review from Dylan of Planet Zombo and judge (haha) for yourself.

Planet Zombo

GoWJ - Cover

Seven years ago, Epic Games introduced the Gears of War franchise to the world; a franchise that would ultimately shape the face of the Xbox 360. The original Gears of War was nearly perfect, as far as early “next-gen” games go. I conquered every aspect of that game (with the exception of the Seriously achievement). Not because I was playing the game as a completionist, but because it was always genuinely fun to pick up and play. So what has happened to the franchise over the last seven years and three iterations of the game? Surprisingly, not much, and that’s a problem.

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