Deathmatch: Kratos vs. Kratos

In life, there are the thinkers, the doers, and…the instigators. I’m not sayin’ I had anything to do with the great article from Chris of At the Buzzer fame. I’m not sayin’ that Twitter is a magical if messy place that brings together the thinkers, doers, and instigators. I’m not even sayin’ that one Kratos is better than the other Kratos (though one OBVIOUSLY is, and it ain’t the one with anger issues). All I’m sayin’ is…ask the Internet and ye shall receive. (And if you’re lucky, it shall be damn good.)

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What better way to start a series about characters fighting to the death than by pitting two warriors with the same name against each other?

The impetus for this battle was set up on Twitter, with an exchange about how Kratos Aurion (from Tales of Symphonia) was so much better than Kratos (from God of War).

You might think that this battle is going to be one-sided because I’m a fan of the Tales series — and you’d be right — but it’s also because the GoW Kratos (hereafter referred to as “Gratos” to avoid confusion) is one of the most overrated characters in video game history. No, don’t start celebrating, Marcus Fenix: your overrated crown is still firmly attached to your oversized head.


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