Backwards Compatibility

Hatm0nster asks some great questions in his post on backwards compatibility. Though the PS4 rumors have become realities or died off, now we have the new Xbox at which to fling our anger/happiness. As they have a tendency to do, wild stories abound with this new console. But what are your thoughts on backwards compatibility? Read on and offer them up for discussion!


  1. Oh right, I legitimately forgot the Gamecube did not play N64 games. I don’t know about you, but I would think finding a way to play a cartridge on a disc system would be kind of difficult… 😀

    Well, I guess it depends. Nowadays though it seems you should be able to play your old games without having to find your old system and hook it up to your TV. If the system really promises to be something revolutionary, then I guess backwards compatibility should be gone. But otherwise, you should allow gamers to get a bit of value and play their last gen games.


    • This really is only a modern issue. I don’t remember there being a ton of fuss between the NES and the SNES. You just got the new system and kept the old. Our culture and concepts of value have changed a lot since then. I see what you’re saying from both points of view. I hate to bring up our “tough economic times” but it is shaping how takers spend their money these days. I’m not on the PS4/Xbox 720 bandwagon (yet), but it is a sticking point that probably neither will allow the playing of previous games. For me, right now, practicality wins out over revolutionary. And when those systems do arrive, sure, you’ll have the fans who who’ll dole out anything for the latest and greatest; but a good swath of players will probably hedge their bets over a point like this. Or maybe I’m just being too old school about the whole thing, haha. 🙂


      • Well, back then the technology wasn’t as advanced. Could people play their Genesis games on the Saturn? Needless to say, games and hardware had their limitations, but nowadays since the technology has improved and the cost of consoles and now handhelds have gone up, people I think just want more bang for their buck if they choose to pay up. Also, another thing is more people are playing video games as opposed to those in the SNES days. Back then games were really targeted for the demographics that weren’t casual people, but since the Wii made its debut, there have been more games marketed to those who don’t usually play games. Like even my mom brought a DS just to play Brain Age years ago; she had no care for games when I was growing up 😀 So of course, fussing over backwards compatibility back in the 90s wasn’t necessary.


        • Good points, all. I guess it’ll be interesting to see what happens moving forward. This current transistion between generations will be probably be the most telling for the future, which is why it’s such an issue now. Eventually all our current consoles will die/break, as they are prone (and built) to do — will we be too old to care then? Maybe by the next-next gen, backwards compatibility will be ancient history, a strange relic from the past.


          • I admittedly wonder if video games will exist, as things just get less original by the year 😦 Like, I’m no longer excited like I used to be for any console announcement — not even the Wii U. I can only fear how it’ll turn out…maybe 10 years from now.


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