This out of place, but I just had to depart into the real world for a moment. Have you experienced a significant drop in blog hits recently? This is might be why. After seeing a dramatic drop in views on RoP over the past several days, I did some investigating. Just FYI for those who may not already know. Thanks Google.  Love and punches, cary


  1. Ah! Weird. This would hit especially hard if you worked for a site that mostly hosted images. Geez.

    Now, I hate to be the voice of “this is actually ok,” but I always thought those hits were a little cheap in the first place, at least for a blog like ours. People who Google searched an image and found one of ours doesn’t mean anything real to me. I get that every hit counts towards advertising and whatnot, but I’d much rather have every hit come from someone who arrived with the intention of reading our content.

    But maybe that’s too idealistic. WHO KNOWS.


    1. I won’t argue with you there; I know that most of my hit counts are (or were) inflated by image searches. While my pride cries boo-hoo, I do like that my vistors-to-views ratio is more realistic, and I hope that everyone who *actually* visits enjoys what they see. And it’s not like I despise the new Google Image search, but I certainly see the downside for some sites. I also might think twice before putting my own, personal images up (not that there are many) from now on.


      1. You know, I was wondering what had happened recently, and this certainly seems to fit. Even though I recognize that a lot of the hits from image searches are stale, if we got 100 image hits a day and just one person happened to stick around to view another article or page on the site, I felt like that was worthwhile. I do know one thing: if I had a photography site or a webcomic or something of that nature, I would be FURIOUS about this change.


        1. Absolutely. And just think of the sites that rely on views and clicks to bring in the advertising dollars; to suddenly have traffic plummet (if a lot of those views came from image searches) would be really unpleasant. There’s some interesting rants/discussions/meanderings over on the Google forums about the new search format. I guess we’ll just wait and see what, if anything, comes of all this.


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