Guest Post: My Favorite Final Bosses

Deepest thanks to Chris and the crew at At the Buzzer for giving me the opportunity to do a little extra credit writing. Be sure to check out their site where they’re currently posting their Top 100 Video Games along with tons of other great content. Stop over, read, comment, and listen the ATB podcast!

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NOTE: Today we have a guest post from Cary (one of our best fans) about her favorite final bosses in video games. For my money, my least favorite final boss is Luther from Star Ocean 3 because your characters can die from running out of MP and he pretty much is a cheap bastard and — oh, sorry, I’m soapboxing on someone else’s article. How rude. Find more of Cary’s work at Recollections of Play and Link Dead Gaming.


Finally, after hours of hardship, and collecting, and hoarding, and saving, and further toil, you’ve made it! You’ve made it to the end of [insert game name here]! And then, suddenly, the music stops, and a cut scene shows you the one thing that stands between you an the credits. There’s one more outrageous person/creature/super-kinka-maya-maya-robo-monster-thing that you must defeat to save [the world, your lover, your family, the universe, etc.]


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