Making New Year’s resolutions, this time with more Skyrim

I don’t normally make New Year’s resolutions; not officially anyway.  As much as I love Christmastime, once it passes, something about gearing up for New Year’s makes my cynical self rear its ugly head.  Yeah yeah, 2012…remember this, reflect upon that…blah blah blah.  Resolutions…ugh, who needs ’em, right?  Broken promises and (nothing but) shattered dreams!


This year I do have a couple resolutions, actual resolutions.  Really.  And I’m going to write them down here, which makes them very official.   Maybe this’ll be the perfect impetus to continue with the whole resolution thing in the future.  Or maybe I’ll fail miserably and be so disappointed in myself that I’ll just give up on life entirely. (My cynical self is just laughing at me right now…sigh)

Anyway, while there are plenty of things I want to accomplish in 2013, I have two main resolutions:

1. Re-learn the piano.

This year, Santa was nice enough to bring me this:

Source: Me!
Source: Me! (Wood paneling and all.)

Yep, that’s a keyboard alright.  Nothing too fancy, though there are plenty of bells and whistles…literally.  There are bell and whistle tones…along with drums, guitar, brass, organs, synthesizers, and, oh yeah, plenty of different “pianos” to choose from.  So far my favorite is the white-bread “classic piano” setting.  It’s pretty, muted, and reminds me of our upright piano from way back when. This setup came with a Christmas song book and a “Piano Classics” song book.  Sadly, both are far too advanced for me.  It’s been a loooooong time since I’ve sat a piano; and unfortunately, any knowledge I might have accumulated from past (way past) lessons has been severely diminished.  That said, since getting the keyboard I have been able to eke out a couple holiday tunes, such as a very slow and poor rendition of Carol of the Bells.  Over the course of 2013, I plan to re-learn playing in general and hope to re-discover a few songs that I used to know pretty well, particularly Movement #2 from Dvorak’s 9th Symphony and The Rainbow Connection.  They were two of my favorites.  My husband is determined to get me a video games song book. (I’m…excited?  How about cautiously optimistic.) When I actually played the piano, my ultimate goal was to learn to play the Hungarian Rhapsody No. 2 (preferably like Bugs Bunny, of course), and this is something I’d still like to do. But we’ll save that resolution for 2023. Maybe 2033. At least.

2. Make amends with Skyrim.

Now if you'll quit yelling at me for a moment and just let me explain... (source)
Now if you’ll quit yelling at me for a moment and just let me explain… (source)

Oh Skyrim, my Skyrim. How have you been?  I told you I’d be back someday…and that someday is now! Well…not now now, but soon.  I think it’s about time we put our behinds in the past!…er, the past behind us. For you see, my husband recently started playing the game.  Having never played it until now, he’s been having a blast as a mage in the wilds of Skyrim, becoming Dragonborn and all that. Watching him play has reminded me of the joy I had with Skyrim the first time I played it. The joy of progress, the joy of discovery, the joy of hoarding (until you are carrying too much to run)…to vicariously experience all that has refilled my spring of questing!  So, my plan is to get started on the 1st and see how things go.  My meager level 11 Imperial warrior Kallan is no more — that data is long gone — so what should I be? I’m leaning towards being a warrior again, but maybe one of the animal races or an orc.  It’ll be great to get back into the throes of conquest and hopefully not as frustrating. Third time’s a charm, right?


There you have it, my two resolutions for 2013.  God-willing that I’m still around and writing by the end of next year, and we don’t have another apocalypse or something, I’ll let you know how things went.

Now if you’ll excuse me, I have a date with my cynical self and yet one more @#$%&! countdown of 2012 moments.  Also, the Mummer’s Parade…because that’s a pretty big thing round these parts.  Happy New Year’s, all.


  1. I never make resolutions. The extra pressure of an official resolution makes me want to do what I resolved to do even less. I need to try to learn the piano more, too. I have done little with it as of late. I actually have a “Zelda” music book and a “Mario” music book. Both are ridiculously hard. Even the easy stuff. I also used to have a keyboard, but not like yours. It was an itty bitty red one for kids probably a foot long (really, really itty bitty) I had as a duckling, and it could do all kinds of different sounds. Finally, it started to die for some reason and sounded awful.


    • One year, my parents got me and my siblings a little electronic keyboard (it was black not red). Thought they didn’t say outright, I know it they got it so that we’d stop messing around with the real piano so much! We abused that poor keyboard to death. It even came with several prerecorded “popular” songs including “Just the Way you Are.”. To this day, I can’t listen to Billy Joel without thinking about that keyboard. I’m sure things’ll go better with this keyboard, as long as I get into the habit of practicing.


    • Hmmm…I hadn’t thought about that. I’ll consider it if this next attempt at playing Skyrim goes south. Which won’t happen, right? Right?!

      Is it weird that I’m commenting to myself in the comments? Probably, right? Right?! …oh.


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