Am I really playing video games at the moment? No. That’s why this post is about Christmas music.

Folks, much love to you all, but it’s too close to Christmas for me to even put together a coherent post and I’m tired of all the tinsel and there’s SO MUCH chocolate in the house that CAN’T be avoided and it’s taking every last sugar-ridden brain cell to just form these words and OH MY GOD THE HOLIDAYS ARE EFFIN GREAT AREN’T THEY??

Okay, so I’m a little stressed, sorry.  And honestly, the title of this post isn’t 100% true — I have had a little time to catch up on games.  But 30 minutes here and an hour there in between holiday prep and making Christmas cookies  doesn’t mean I’m making much headway.  It’s more like I’m just hammering into my brain where I am in those games so that I can make some tried and true progress over Christmas.  Yep, Eve and Day — two full days off with no distractions.  As the fates would have it, all of our festivities are happening before the actual holiday.  So the weekend before Christmas will be a mess of friends and family, but after that we’ll get some solitude, silence, and serenity (now!).  No computer, maybe a few holidays movies, and gaming.  Gaming! It will be beautiful.

In the meantime, I am trying to enjoy the spirit of the season by listening to Christmas music.  Lots and lots of Christmas music. Usually during the month of December I permanently set my iPod to my Christmas playlist.  I imagine that most people have Christmas playlists, right?  Riiiiight??  Well, I do, and I really, usually, enjoy it.  It’s mostly made up of several CD compilations that I’ve collected over the years, and it ranges from classy stuff like The Nutcracker, Baroque tunes, and traditional carols, to modern diddies like The Kinks’ “Father Christmas” and The Waitresses’ “Christmas Wrapping.”  However, it mostly contains an array of ubiquitous Christmas songs from the 1940s-1960s: Bing Crosby, Frank Sinatra, Nat King Cole, etc.  You know them, you’ve heard them.  And among all the great songs are several duds, mostly novelty songs, which generally fall into two categories: tolerable and horrible. I think have a fairly high tolerance for Christmas novelty songs, but some are downright awful.  “Suzy Snowflake” and one about a hippopotamus stand out in my mind.

Out of all the holiday tunes that exist in the universe, the one I personally enjoy most is “The Christmas Song.”  It’s uncomplicated, it’s soothing, and it reminds me of quiet joys of the season.  As much as as I adore the sung version, especially Nat King Cole’s classic rendition, hearing it on piano really strikes the right chord (Ha! Chord! Ha — oh). And when I think of piano and Christmas, my mind immediately goes to Vince Guaraldi.  His interpretation from the Charlie Brown Christmas soundtrack is pretty much as good as it gets.

From YouTube user NS13Guardian.

Ahh…happy. Sweet smiles all around.

Now, I don’t want to screw things up here, but I’m going to. Because despite the many songs that have filled my head over the past few weeks, one song seems interminably stuck.  Seriously — stuck. And not a good song, but one of those novelty-type things. A Christmas song that’s not at all questionable and suggestive as long as you listen to it with the ears of a young, not-at-all impressionable, adorable kid from the 1950s who’s excitedly waiting for Santa to arrive.  But then, even in the innocent, Father Knows Best days, wouldn’t someone, anyone have wondered about it just a little? Are today’s modern minds too prone to inappropriate thoughts to hear this song any other way?  I don’t care as I just want it OUT OF MY HEAD! Don’t listen to it if you don’t want to get stuck with it as well.

From YouTube user rachelthehairguru.

So happy holidays dear readers — may you have fun however you celebrate things.  It looks like our regularly-scheduled apocalypse has been postponed. Oh well, maybe next year, or not. Ever. In any event, I’ll get to one more post next week after Christmas, and then I should get back to a more regular schedule in January.


  1. I have a Christmas playlist that I switch to every December as well, it’s somewhere around 30 songs, complete with 4 different versions of Jingle Bell Rock. What can I say? It’s one of my favorite’s for some reason. Also, Have you ever heard “This Christmas” (i forget the particular version or band), it’s not bad.


    1. Ha, I also have lots of versions of the same song — so many of those old holiday songs have been re-re-re-recorded over the years. At the risk of sounding like a total dork, I have multiple Christmas playlists – they’re divided by type of music: choral, vocal, popular, etc. I like the variation and it keeps things interesting during December. And I have heard of “This Christmas” — I seem to recall an R&B version that was on the radio recently. Not a bad song at all.


  2. Merry late Christmas. I didn’t listen to Christmas music, but I did play some on the piano. Messed up a lot, but at least I tried. I just did the traditional stuff. I like the Christian type Christmas music, but I don’t like a lot of the regular stuff. It’s too…corny and silly.

    There’s this one I hate that gets stuck in my head. I don’t know what it’s called, but it sounds like the woman singing wants to do naughty things with Santa and it disturbs me. My mom explained to me once that it’s because the real Santa is kids’ parents, and I guess she’s really singing about her husband, but nevertheless, all I hear is she has naughty thoughts about jolly, old Sant Nick. It’s upsetting to think of Santa that way.


    1. Ooo, I know what song you’re talking about, and it is not one of my favorites. We used to have a Christmas record that had a bunch of “kids” songs, and I think I disliked that one almost as much as hearing about Santa’s chimney problems and a whiny kid who wanted, of all things, his two front teeth as presents. Personal problems, pleas, and affairs, especially Santa’s, shouldn’t be in holiday songs.

      I also prefer the pretty, religious Christmas songs as well. No matter one’s beliefs, they have some of the nicest melodies and arrangements of any songs, holiday or otherwise.

      A belated happy holidays to you as well, and Happy New Year!


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