Trying a little musicality on for size

So remember waaay back, like a million days ago (or maybe 3 weeks), I casually mentioned the possibility of doing posts on music?  Yeah, I bet you though I’d forgotten already.  No, its not suddenly 2013 and I haven’t lost my mind.  Consider this a trial post.  And I’m not straying too far off the beaten path as I type a few words here about a song from a video game: “Temple of Light” from Fable.

Video from YouTube user popfan1.

I’m really bad at paying attention to video game music on my own.  Unless I’m constantly exposed to a game or someone points out “hey, you should really listen to this from ___ game!”, I tend to ignore whatever is playing in the background of a cut scene or play through.  I acknowledge this to be unfortunate and in spite of my general love of music.  But for whatever reason, the soundtrack from the original Fable, and this particular song really stuck.  As the title states, the song was played when you entered the Temple of Light (in later Fable games, the song is also utilized during the game and while accessing menus).  The Temple of Light was a place of solitude and reflection.  If you played through Fable as good Hero, the temple served as a place of respite and quiet.  The simple tonal chimes served well in channeling the temple’s peace and calm.  They repeat a few time in slight variations over two and a half minutes, which moves quickly despite the steady rhythm, and are almost meditative in their tones.  In the game, I found myself traveling to the temple whenever I needed a few moments of quiet and composure.  Even now, I play the song whenever I need a respite from the days’ madness and have my iPod handy (which is always).

It’s funny, as I listen to the song while typing, I can’t help but think “this song needs a beat.” I mean, I love the song as is, but it seems a song song ripe for remixing.  I did find a nice ambient remix here, and it’s good, but not quite what I’m thinking of.

Here are a couple others.  The first one is short and sweet and enters the realm of electronica.  The second one is pretty good but a little heavy on the treble.

Video from YouTube user .

Video from YouTube user

My remix would have a quicker pace, a good bit of bass, maybe a little grime, and a fair hint of vocalization.  All that would probably make it a little less meditative, but nonetheless something…interesting. Oh, don’t look at me, I’m no DJ. I’m just an idea person.


Well, that wasn’t so bad, was it?  I could probably strive to be a little more technical and a little less touchy-feely when discussing music, but it’s just a start.  And there are plenty of other similar topics that could be fun to write about, like Fable’s composer Russell Shaw or the difference between the Fable soundtracks. Or not. Since I’ve already written about Fable, there’s not much of a story to go along here.  But sometimes, music is just music.  And I don’t think  it’ll be that last of it you’ll hear (or see) from me.

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