My warrior within couldn’t handle the Warrior Within

Hello readers — happy post-turkey weekend (or what’s left of it)!  Trying to get back on here track with the blogging; but it is now “the holidays,” so I’m not sure what my schedule will be like over the next few weeks.  Apologies in advance if things get a bit scant round here.  But for now and without further ado, on with the show…


Have you ever played a game and then, for no good reason at all, just stopped?  You didn’t get bored, you didn’t come to hate the game, you didn’t dislike your $60 treasure in any way, shape, or form, but you just stopped playing?

One day in 2005, I stopped playing Prince of Persia: Warrior Within (2004) for the Gamecube.  I don’t recall being suddenly called upon by the president to help stop a world crisis, winning a Noble Prize, or needing to retrieve my cat from a cat-eating tree (y’know, like Charlie Brown and the kite-eating…oh nevermind) — three good reasons, I’d say, for stopping a game. But I just stopped playing.

Prince of Persia: Warrior Within cover art © Nintendo, Ubisoft (source)

And I just know that made our cute wittle Gamcube cry, just a little.  Oh, the Gamecube.  I’ve mentioned it before and will say it again, how I loved that adorable little system.  What a world of possibilities it brought forth!

A world? A whole world??  Well…maybe it was a small village…no– rather, a pub–yes, a pub of possibilities.  A pub that served many types of beer but only beer.  You want tequila? Harumph. Go play on the XBox!  (Never had the orignal Xbox, and I love tequila… *sigh*)

So, we all know now that the only thing the Gamecube did really well during it’s short lifespan was play its own proprietary games.  No DVDs, no online, no internet.  Just games on mini-discs.  But it did have a pretty good crop of games, many of which were…decent.  Very decent, yes, and mostly entertaining.  It was released in 2001, but we came to the party late.  I didn’t get Warrior Within until 2005.  And I played the hell out of it.  It was sooooo freakin’ fun – a really great predecessor to games like Uncharted and Assassin’s Creed.

You didn’t need that, right? (source)

Years and years and years ago I played a demo of the very first Prince of Persia (1993) on our PC.  Though it only contained just a few levels, it was unusual and interesting.  I’ll never forget the funny way the prince used to dangle from ledges – he just looked so fluid for pixel-y character. But something about the game stuck because I played that demo over and over and over secretly hoping to find some new levels.  That was probably a little sad for me, really.

Fast forward to Warrior Within, and I was in 3rd person perspective heaven.  Now, mind you, I really didn’t think I’d like it at first.  The stodgy old gamer in me was so used to 2D platformers that I really didn’t think I’d like the “3D-ness” of the prince and the sands and whatnot.  For some strange reason, I also wasn’t too keen on the setting/story – I’d seen Disney’s Aladdin enough to be sick of harem pants and Arabian-themed nonsense.  Thankfully my preconceived notions proved to be terribly wrong.

I loved the fight scenes, the puzzles, and the fantastical setting!  I adored the jumping, hanging, and wall walking!  I couldn’t get enough of the dark story line, evil women, and other bad guys! (And I love exclamation points!!)  The Gamecube emanated a  wonderful joyous light (not really) each time I progressed, and I looked forward every new level and the challenges that awaited.

Well…almost every challenge… (source)

So why did it stop?  As I sit here and reflect upon 2005…god, I just don’t know.  Let’s think….we moved mid-year, and for a few months, I was unemployed.  Perhaps that’s it.  During my unemployment, I was either looking for a job or was horribly depressed.  There probably wasn’t much gaming going on, though I had the time.  Hard to enjoy virtual victories when real-life victories were much more important, and necessary.

Still, it seems like a poor excuse now for stopping a game with which I really was thoroughly enthralled. Thing is, I went onto other games, other systems, and eventually traded in Warrior Within.  I really should have taken the time to finish it.

Woulda, coulda, shoulda.  Shit.  Now where’s my tequila?

Is he giving me…jazz hands?! (source)


  1. It’s possible you stopped playing upon hearing the Gobsmack song on the soundtrack. You’re probably just confused because you’ve been repressing that memory, which is, well, understandable.


    • Haha! I totally forgot about that (and them). Just went onto the YouTube to find said song and, indeed, it is not something I needed to remember.


    • That’s probably very true. I always think, oh, I’ll get back to (insert game here) someday. Then someday turns into 10 years later, the game is sold, and I’m left pondering what could have been. C’est la vie.


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