13 Scares of Halloween: Day 10 – DOOM 3 (Guest Post!)

My sincerest thanks to Josh Evo and everyone at DISK READ ERROR for giving me this chance to write for them. Enjoy reading, and be sure to check out DRE for plenty of great content!

Disk Read Error

What’s good, everyone? It’s Joshua Evo again with another intro for another awesome guest poster. Today’s is a game from a series that’s been scaring people for YEARS and I’m super appreciative that it was brought to you all today.

Happy Halloween folks!  My name’s cary from Recollections of Play, and I’m very excited to be here with the good people of DISK READ ERROR to discuss my scariest/creepiest/freakiest video game moment.  Now, I gotta tell you up front that I’m not a horror game fan.  You can keep your Resident Evils, Dead Spaces, and Silent Hills – sorry, they are just not for me.  That said, I willingly and thrillingly played the classics DOOM and DOOM 2, both of which are pretty scary.  After those, I thought that DOOM 3 would be a piece of demon blood-saturated cake (eww).  But…it wasn’t, probably because it contains my creepiest gaming moment.

As with the first two…

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