D&D: A non-update

Early last month I mentioned that I might be taking a possible foray into D&D territory. I wish I had more to say on the matter, but, unfortunately, that’s where things still stand – I might, someday, take a possible foray into D&D territory.

We went into D&D with the best of intentions, ordered some lovely dice, and even created a couple characters.  Things have stalled for two reasons; (1) we just don’t know how to best play with two players, and (2) we don’t really have the time to sit down and figure it out.  Life, as they say, has gotten in the way.  The end of the summer has brought about a million and one things to handle in our garden to prep it for next season.  We’re in the midst of planning house projects galore because stuff like painting seems like a good “fall” thing to do.  We still have a dozen or so trips that need to be made to the Home Depot for supplies.  And a number of other obligations have popped up since it seems like everyone’s trying to squeeze out every last bit of summer togetherness before school starts.   D&D…it is a very low priority right now.

That said, gaming in general hasn’t fallen off the to-do list.  In fact, since we’re trying to save our pennies for house projects, gaming has become our ideal, if not quite free, entertainment.  I’ve having a blast releasing stress in GTA IV: Episodes from Liberty City, and I’ve started Sleeping Dogs, because more shooting is always good. (And yes, eventually stuff will be written about them.)

In closing, I figured I share my D&D character – maybe she’ll someday see the light of day…or dungeon.  Sadly, she’s also evidence that I have no magic when it comes to dice rolling (at least after I had re-allotted the numbers because elves have to have a base number of something I can’t remember right now, or so say the rules.)

Character: Sula She’er
Alignment: Neutral
Class: Elf
Level: 1
Armor Class: 7
Hit Points: 6

Strength: 8 (-1 to hit, damage, and opening doors)
Intelligence: 9 (reads and writes native language)
Wisdom: 5 (-2 on magic-based saving throws)
Dexterity: 13 (+1 on hit rolls, -1 bonus armor, +1 initiative)
Constitution: 10
Charisma: 7

Saving Throws
Poison or Death Ray: 12
Magic Wand: 13
Turn to stone or paralysis: 13
Dragon breath: 15
Spells or magic staff: 15

Special skills
Level 1 read languages

XP: 0

Money: 5 gold pieces

Leather armor
Sword (normal)
Iron rations
Rope (50′)
Torches (6)
Iron spikes (12)
Flask of oil

And because I’m no good at drawing, I don’t really have any sort of rendering of what Sula might look like.  I’m my mind, she’s looks a little like Kira from the Dark Crystal, though taller, maybe not quite as pale, and with shorter, darker hair.

Yes, this is second time I’ve mentioned the Dark Crystal. I like the movie…get used to it. (source)


  1. I still want to play D&D, too, someday, but I’ve made even less progress. No dice or anything. No one who wants to play it with me. You can’t play with only one person, can you?… Maybe my remaining cat will play.
    And I like Dark Crystal, too. I’m actually putting up a post for it in about a week.


    • I certainly look forward to your DC post! When I was young, I did drawings of some of the characters from the movie – they hung in my room for the longest time. It’s just one of those movies that’s stuck with me all these years.

      My husband told me that he and his friends used to spend hours, together or alone, just creating characters – that was his favorite part. That was a fun solo activity for me too. I liked the creativity and imagining my character as she came to life…you do need dice, though.


  2. My most recent character, a bard/rogue, started with 6 HP but by the time I got her to level 7 she had almost 30. So be heartened, if you start to use your character her stats can improve dramatically with level-ups 🙂


    • That’s good to know, thank you! Hopefully we can get a game off the ground sometime soon so I can get to some experience-gaining!


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