Play on, no matter what.

Dear readers: I don’t have a real entry this week as I’m gallivanting about getting married and such.  I’ll be back next week with regular postings; but for the moment, I have to let loose with a little commentary.

(In response to this Kotaku article and this blog post.  P. S. I know this is not a new issue and Aisha Tyler and Felicia Day are awesome.)

I’m not one to get bent out of shape about stuff, but someone please tell me what incessant hate virus has been spreading around gaming interwebs of late?  It seems like a lot of hate has infiltrated the gaming community, particularity in the realm of “real gamers” vs. “casual gamers” vs. “hardcore gamers”  vs. “non-gamers.”  Yes, the internet makes is so easy to be an invisible spiteful voice, but why the personal attacks?  What has everyone so ramped up?  Is gaming in such a fragmented state that we really can’t all get along?  What makes people want to spend their days being miserable trolling bastards?  (innate urges regarding the human condition and lack of understanding notwithstanding) Don’t we all have the same goals: TO PLAY GAMES AND HAVE FUN?!  How hard is it to not crap all over someone else’s parade?  Y’know what?  I played Farmville for a while had had a goddamned good time doing so.  I also enjoyed shooting bad guys and meeting up with hookers in GTA IV.  And I had a marvelous time releasing planet-sized summons in FF VII.  But sometimes, I enjoy nothing more than a good ol’ round of Scrabble. They are all games to which I have played to one degree or another.  I am real.  I am casual.  I am hardcore.  And sometimes I’m not.  You be you, I’ll be me, and let’s leave it at that.

So play on gamers, play on.  And play whatever game you damn well please, whenever you want, however you want, and with whoever you want.  ♥♥♥ to you all.


  1. Totally right. I didn’t realize there was such hate going around, though, but I’m not surprised. The comments on youtube can be pretty brutal, I’ve seen. They like to tell the one making the video that their gaming skills are crap, and then they attack each other. We all share a common hobby, and we shouldn’t be huge jerks. Don’t go to Twilight Princess videos and then talk about how bad the game is or say that a character is stupid! Why are you even here then?
    Keep forgetting to mention, hope your wedding goes well and all that.


    1. How very thoughtful – thank you! Everyone had a great time and we (the bride and groom) are very happy that it’s done and over and time to move on. (And maybe I can get back to blogging and playing games again…if it wasn’t for all these stupid forms…stupid government forms…) I hope everyone else in the world who is playing is having a blast. Play on 🙂


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