I probably should have been gaming instead of watching TV.

I recently saw this commercial on TV…

…and I snapped. “Why couldn’t the sword have fallen into a girl‘s hands?!” I yelled, thankful I was alone at that moment lest I sound maniacal in mixed company. “Why did the sword have to PASS BY an oh so studious GIRL who’s engrossed in READING?! Will advertisers EVER show a girl paying a video game that DOESN’T involve cute animals or dancing??!!” [huff, huff, irk, irk]

So that was that; it was time stop complaining and start writing. Well, why not? It’s a good fit for me — I’m much better at expressing my thoughts through words rather than speech. I’ve been harboring thoughts about the (male-dominated) video game world for some time now, though I don’t intend to “change the world” or make a stance for female gamers or promote feminism in video gaming.  It’s just time to start sharing before my brain explodes, and, maybe, help reinforce statistics showing that we buy and play video games too.


I’m safely in my third decade of existence, and like many my age, video games are an integral part of life. They are one form of the many forms of entertainment from which we have to choose. For me, though video games have always been “there,” and I’ve always lived with at least one video game console and/or computer, my interest in them has waxed and waned over the years. So this won’t be a simple point-A-to-point-B story (I‘m terrible at remembering dates from my own life), but rather a virtual scrapbook of remembrances of games I’ve played, from the good to the bad…and the worse (can you say Cookies and Cream?) Maybe I’ll pepper in some of my own gaming philosophies from time to time or rants about particularly tiresome gaming notions.  Maybe I’ll get all like “Girls Rule!” up in here!

Maybe not.

I don’t play dancing games, but I am a sucker for cute animals.


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