Or maybe that should be “re-prah-ZENT!” I’m not sure. Either way, another blog award came my way in the recent past, and I’m more than pleased to accept it. The award is the Blogger Recognition Award, and the bestowal comes from two fantastic bloggers-at-arms, The Duck of Indeed and StrawberrytheGlaceon. I’ve extended my thanks to both for this kind nod, and now I must get on with the rules that accompany said award.

  1. Give two pieces of advice (about blogging, I presume.)
  2. Tell the whopper of a story about how my blog got started (“whopper,” relatively speaking).
  3. Nominate others for this hallowed honor

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Mission [JRPG]: The results are in! And the winner is…

Chrono Trigger!

Mission JRPG poll results

First off, I have to say thankyouthankyouTHANKYOU to everyone who voted. This lovely community has come through with flying colors, and y’all are awesome!

As for the poll, I can’t say I’m too surprised that Chrono Trigger won after hearing from you guys about the game, but the fact that it eked ahead by only one vote certainly says something about Earthbound. For most of the time this poll was up, the two games were running side by side. By late last week, the two were tied. I’m very happy that someone broke the tie, because I didn’t want to have to flip a coin or something. (I’ll admit that I’m a touch sad that Earthbound didn’t come out on top, but that only means it now has a top spot on my to-play-ASAP list. Alas, tis a case of the constant battle faced by gamers everywhere — too many games, not enough time.)

But enough with the typing, it’s time to get set up and start playing! The excitement…it is palpable, and I can’t wait to get started on this new gaming adventure. This series, under the reworked and totally mindblowing title of “Mission Chrono Trigger,” will be back in few Mondays from now with a first impressions post. If you have any initial and non-spoliery advice on getting started with CT, I’ll take it! In the comments, I mean.

Onward and upward with some time traveling, chronologically-driven, old school JRPG fun!


You guys with your questioning eyes better get ready cause I’m coming to join ya!



And the poll goes on…for ONE. MORE. DAY!

When I said I’d post the results of my next game project poll today, I don’t know what I was thinking. Today, I am only a figment of your imagination, for in these here United States, it is Memorial Day, a federally-mandated holiday in remembrance of all things military and celebrating, for the sake of summer get-a-ways everywhere, the “unofficial start of summer.” For some reason, I had in my mind that Memorial Day was next week, and it wasn’t until my inbox started filling with invites to this, that, and the other that I realized I had wrongly imagined several non-existent days and added them to my internal calendar.

Le sigh.

So while I’m not really here, I’m glad you are, because it means you can add a vote to my gaming poll, for which you have my deepest and most sincere thanks. The results will be made known tomorrow. (That’s Tuesday, May 26th for those keeping score.) Because I’m so nice, I’m giving you here two ways to access the poll. You can either head to my original post by clicking → this link ← and scrolling down the page to the poll. Or if that’s just too much work (and I know it is, especially since it’s a holiday for some of us), here’s the same poll, all ready and waiting.

Hope you’re enjoying your holiday weekend, or your Monday, wherever you are. :)

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(Vocal Reprise) On Computer Gaming and Going Rogue: The Adventure Game

I think my post on Rogue: The Adventure Game was the first one that I truly liked. It had all the elements I hoped to cover in my posts moving forward — nostalgic ruminations, a little bit of silly storytelling made “grand” through word choices, and a basic overview of a game. From the get-go I wanted this blog to run on the lighter side of gaming, as this hobby as always held a place in the lighter side of my life. Writing, and now talking about Rogue brings everything back around to a few core beliefs I hold concerning games: video game should be fun, surprising, and just frustrating enough to make you think that you might hate it but really want to beat it.

On Computer Gaming and Going Rogue: The Adventure Game, original post from 12/11/2011.
Duration: 6:56
Final thought: Am I affecting an accent? God, I’m becoming one of the locals! This does not bode well for my future as an famous orator.

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A Blissful Pursuit: My Relationship Fighting Games


[Unrelated prologue: Before you take a gander at what’s going on below, maybe you’d like to do a little voting? Right above this is a polling post that will decide my next gaming project involving a 1990s JRPG for the SNES. If you’ve voted already, thanks! (And why not vote again? :) ) If you haven’t, then just click on the post above and scroll down to the poll.]

Of all the games that this angry gamer has taken on, none push aside the gripes, groans, and grrrrrrrs as much as fighting games. They are, quite simply, blissful pursuits. This I recently explored over on United We Game.

Originally posted on United We Game:

Image by Flickr user IndusfrImage by Flickr user Indusfr (CC)

This week saw the release of Mortal Kombat X, the latest title in that ubiquitous fighting saga that, if nothing else, well popularized the phrase “Get over here!” But this week also marks another Mortal Kombat milestone: the 20th anniversary of the release of Mortal Kombat 3 (MK3). On April 151995, Midway Games released what was then the most highly polished game in this budding series. As is key with fighting game series, MK3 featured a much larger roster of fighters than previous games, and the graphics were pretty darn great, again compared to previous games. It was through MK3 that I became familiar with my all-time favorite fighter, Sindel. It was through MK3 that I actually completed my first fatality. (Having never properly learned any in Mortal Kombat or Mortal Kombat II.) It was through MK3 that…

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Jem and the Holograms: The Movie, the Sadness, the Why Bother?

As I was typing what was supposed to be this evening’s post about a nice blog award that I recently received (my belated thanks and such will be made known in two weeks time!), my Twitter sidebar began lighting up with news of the release of the first trailer for Jem and the Holograms (The Movie). My initial spike in “Oh, cool!” curiosity was quick doused by reading comments about the trailer that ranged from quiet disappointment to utter rage. Hoping against hope, I checked out the trailer myself and…yep. A super sad “for fuck’s sake…” was the only thing that came to mind.

[I was thinking of posting the trailer here, but I just can’t. So here’s the link to it. If you want to save yourself two and a half precious minutes, think of every “coming of age” movie you’ve ever seen and set it to shit pop, and there’s the remade Jem and the Holograms.]

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Mission [JRPG]: Your Vote Counts!

When we met last Monday, I announced that I’d be starting a new gaming project: playing through a 1990s JRPG for the SNES. As I’ve been wanting to play Chrono Trigger for some time now, I initially thought I’d just pick it for the project and move on. But no, I thought, the community was so supportive in helping me with some initial decisions for my last project, Project 151, that I knew I had to turn to all you good people again.

Only then, Chrono Trigger got tons o’ love in comments on last week’s post, and I almost reconsidered.


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(Vocal Reprise) Blame it all on the Xevious. Xeviouses? Xevii?

Early on, when I first started writing about a game, I tried to maintain a sense of direction. In my head I kept a rough outline of all the points I wanted to cover, and I tried to stick to it as the words flowed. This didn’t work when it came to writing about Xevious, a game to which I devoted hundreds of hours and yet, had very little to show for it. I guess this is where the dangers of nostalgia set in, for though I had a very romantic notion of playing Xevious, recalling it for real only made me think of my negatives with it. The real bottom line about Xevious is that it’s a damn fine Atari game that may be something of a precursor to the bullet-hell games that populate a wide swath of today’s gaming landscape. Or…maybe I’m just being romantic.

Blame it all on the Xevious. Xeviouses? Xevii?, original post from 12/3/2011.
Duration: 4:42
Final thought: Xevious is not an air simulator. My apologies to all air simulator enthusiasts. Hell, my apologies, just generally, to everyone, everywhere, for whatever wrongs have been imposed upon you today.

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Original Xevious cover art (c) Atari, Namco