Mission Chrono Trigger: Is Ayla…a cat…?

Because that’s pretty much what I thought for the first few minutes of our interaction. I thought she had ears and a tail, plus she ran around on all fours. But she’s not. (It didn’t immediately stick that she’s all Clan of the Cave Bear.) And I’m getting ahead of myself.

Also, I’ve gotten much better about taking screenshots. Maybe too much better. Lots follow.

Last time on Mission Chrono Trigger, I was shivering in anticipation of Frog’s return. How cool it was to think that he might be back on the team! And I was all like YAY! and stuff. But before finding the illustrious aquatic wonder, I had to make my way through the Denadoro Mountains in order to find the Masamune…hopefully. I mean, people had mentioned it and the mountains, so what else could be assumed? And sure enough, after going up and down and all around those mountains, and encountering more than a few oddball enemies, I finally hit the jackpot.

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(Vocal Reprise) My glorious frustration with Super Mario 2. And some thoughts on Super Mario 3.

When I began these here blogging adventures, my thought was that I’d cover one game per post, attempting to give each a little context along with an amusing (take that as you may) story. When my goal was to write about Super Mario 3, I conjured up in my mind paragraph after paragraph of random and playful thoughts of just how much I l-o-v-e-d the game. When I, frankly, vomited those thoughts onto my screen, it was a mess, a mess of gushy repetition, especially about the raccoon suit. My god…that raccoon suit! I had no idea it was so prevalent in my subconscious until I saw that horrible tangle of words. So I cut two-thirds of what was there. That which remained was decently concise but very short. For some reason, I hadn;t really thouth about doing short posts. (Having only just rekindled my love affair with writing, I was all about “more is better.”) And I almost left it at that — a few short paragraphs on Super Mario 3. The end. Instead, I left the post in my drafts for several weeks. And as I wrote about and did research for other games, it occurred to me one day that there was indeed more to my Super Mario 3 story that I had thought. And as it turned out, the full story didn’t involve Super Mario 3 as much as I thought it would. Then again, I think we can mostly agree that Super Mario 2 is the more intriguing title between the two.

My glorious frustration with Super Mario 2. And some thoughts on Super Mario 3., original post from 2/29/2012
Duration: 7:13
Final thought: I understand that the Shy Guys will be in Yoshi’s Woolly World. As if I needed another reason to buy that game!

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It was Mario, in the study, with a...turnip. A very deadly turnip.

Just when I thought it might be time to turn in the Wii U…


I can’t say that I’ve done my best to formulate a decent relationship with my Wii U. In fact, It’s likely become the most ignored console in my history of ignoring consoles. But I’m hoping to change that. Though I’ve not followed through on my desire to get Super Mario Maker, there’s still time this year to see things through with other great titles. I recently hashed out these and more Wii U thoughts over on United We Game.

Originally posted on United We Game:

Image by Flickr user wiiu-spiele.com (CC)Image by Flickr user wiiu-spiele.com (CC)

My relationship with the Wii U has been complicated from the start. When it was first announced, I was confused. When it was first released, I was curious. When its commercials saturated my vision, I was frustrated. When its games trickled out, I was bored, except when it came to Super Mario 3D World, and then I was happy. When I finally got one, I was overjoyed. When I realized it had been sitting on the shelf unused for months, I was upset. And as I am a realist, in the recent past I seriously considered that my days with the Wii U were over.

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That’s C-a-t [space] M-a-r-i-o. Cat Mario!! And that’s what I squealed in delight every time I saw a commercial for Super Mario 3D World over the holiday season of 2013.

CAT MARIOOOOOOOOO! [squees induce breaking glass and barking dogs]

It'sa me-ow! Mario!

It’sa me-ow, Mario!

Okay, so I was excited. And good thing too because I had only recently gotten my shiny, new Wii U, and I didn’t have a damn thing for it except New Super Mario/Luigi Wii U. And yet, it would be a year before Super Mario 3D World was added to my collection.

Is there some ridiculous, juicy, and convoluted reason as to why that might warrant THIS INCREDIBLE BLOG POST???! Um … … … no? To be honest, my initial excitement for Super Mario 3D World didn’t last much beyond 2013. In my house, 2014 was really about the Xbox One, the PlayStation 4, and the Alienware Alpha – redoing our entertainment space, making them all work, trying out all their spangly, new features. The Wii U got relegated to the sidelines. It wasn’t until we got Bayonetta/Bayonetta 2 near the tail end of 2014 that the Wii U saw any action. Then, at Christmastime, Super Mario 3D World finally came along.

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iTunes Diaries, entry #33: “Live to Tell” by Madonna

It feels weird writing about Madonna. I’ve restarted this post several times because I can’t seem to  put together the words I want to in a coherent manner. (Also, my cat is next to me and he’s totally snoring and it’s, like, the cutest thing ever and I just want to snuggle him to death!) But Madonna. In all my previous attempts at writing about one of a handful of her songs that reside on my iPod, all I kept thinking about was how I grew up both with and without her music. And in terms of my early pre-Top 40 radio days, one word kept coming to mind…


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Xenoblade Chronicles is over, and I’m…happy?


It’s over. It’s really, really over. Xenoblade Chronicles is now the stuff of memories. More will surely follow in the future, but for now, my initial thoughts on playing this seminal title reside on United We Game.

Originally posted on United We Game:

Image by Flickr user Rob Obsidian (CC)Image by Flickr user Rob Obsidian (CC)

In early 2013, I made an attempt to play Xenoblade Chronicles.  This was on the heels of finishing The Last Story, so I was in a JRPG mindset, and a pretty good one at that. But the timing just didn’t work out. After finding out that I’d need well over 60, 80, 100 hours just to get through XC’s main story, I set the game aside. I just didn’t have that kind of time to sink into a single game.

When the game came back into my hands on February 1, 2015, little had changed. I was as busy as ever, and I still couldn’t let go of 100 hours just for a single game. Yet, I simply couldn’t turn down the opportunity. Something had led to that moment that I couldn’t ignore or deny. Regardless of it being…

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(Vocal Reprise) Need Valium? Why not try Endless Ocean?

What is there to say about a game that’s neither good nor bad but simply exists for the sake of existing? When I opted to write about Endless Ocean for the Wii, that question sat at the top my draft as I was writing. I kept referring back to it whenever my words meandered off into weird tangents about ocean life and non-games. Then again, perhaps I formulated my question to narrowly, because Endless Ocean exists for good reason. It reminded me that games don’t have to be mile-a-minute, cathartic thrill rides all the time…but sometimes it’s good when they are.

Need Valium? Why not try Endless Ocean?, original post from 12/16/2011.
Duration: 6:02
Final thought: I should really give this game another go. Things have been quite stressful of late. Or maybe I should just watch Dazed and Confused.

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Comin' through! (source)

Happy 30th Birthday to Super Mario Bros.!


It’s only more than slightly terrifying to think that Super Mario Bros. turns 30 this month. For one, WHY THE HELL DOES TIME FLY SO DAMN FAST?! And two, of all the game characters that have been created throughout the history of gaming, Mario is one of the few who has survived. He has ridden the perpetually shifting waves of game-dom with nothing but success. In honor of all that Mario(‘s creators) has accomplished, I wrote up this series of lines and rhymes for United We Game. I can think of no better character to prove how united we all are in games.

Originally posted on United We Game:

Image by Flickr user Dan Tentler (CC)Image by Flickr user Dan Tentler (CC)

September 13, 1985, was a great day.

Upon it a plumber appeared without delay.

Perilous was his journey to save his one true love, Peach.

Easily, though, he stomped goombas and koopas each.

Rage quitting the game was common, it’s true. But

Many a gamer still sought to come through. And

Awaiting Mario at the end of each stage,

Remained a castle that induced happiness and rage. For

In it was not Princess Peach; she was gone.

Onward to another castle where she was held in bond.

Bummed though the plumber may have been at this plight,

Rapidly he moved to the next world with delight.

Only by surviving eight worlds would he again hold

The light of his life, the princess, we’re told.

He didn’t give up and he never gave in,

Either to Bowser or his fake kingpin.

Rewards met his…

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