ATB’s Top 25 Animated Movies: (4) Aladdin


All month long, the wonderful people behind At The Buzzer have been counting down their favorite animated movies. In order to create such a stellar and fun list, they called upon a few associates to help, and I was more than pleased to heed to call. This post here talks all about number 4 on the list, Aladdin, which is a “must” when discussing animated movies, but later today will be revealed the number one animated movie of all time ever in the history of ever! What will it be? Stay tuned to ATB to find out! And while there, be sure to check out the top 25 and honorable mentions!

Originally posted on At the Buzzer:

Our top 25 animated movies list heads down the final stretch, the five best films ever made. This quintet separated itself from the pack with a ton of support from multiple members of the panel. Tomorrow: #3.

4) Aladdin (7 votes, 314 points)

Shaun: It’s weird how highly I regard this movie, considering much of the second part I don’t like. Everything in the beginning? Stellar. Great characters are introduced, the villain is menacing, the stakes are real, and the hero is humble, charming, and relatable….

….until he turns into a douche in act 2. Now, I get it. Anyone with the nearly limitless power that is three genie wishes would probably be a little changed. And it’s not like act 2 doesn’t have its great moments with a flying carpet, or that Aladdin doesn’t redeem himself. It just portrays the character in a way I don’t care for, and…

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(Vocal Reprise) How two bunnies nearly ruined my life

When I began blogging about games, I didn’t give much thought to ways to deal with games that I didn’t like. My process early on (that continues with some variation today) was to pick a game at random off my spreadsheet, mull it over in my head for a few moments, and then begin typing. And whatever came out — whether a stream of words or full-fledged sentences — was fine. As long as I got the things in my head out onto the screen, any messes could be taken care of during editing. This post of The Adventures of Cookie and Cream remains the quickest post I’ve ever written, as well as the one that was the most fully realized after a single draft. As I’ve come to realize, it’s much easier to write about a disliked game than a beloved one because there seem to be an unlimited number of creative ways to say “I hate this game” over “I love this game.” Hmmm…that says quite a lot about our language. Or maybe I’m just a pessimist.

How two bunnies nearly ruined my life, original post from 11/29/2011
Duration: 4:57
Final thought: I hate this game.

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CandC anime

The Trials of Gameplay Recording


A few weeks ago, United We Game’s YouTube channel entered into the realm of the watch-able and the subscribe-able, thanks in large part to The Duck of Indeed. Yes, this intrepid UWGer has been filling up the channel with all sorts of gaming goodness, from the strangeness of Fragile Dreams to the wackiness of Rayman Origins. (Check out it when you can, subscribe and all that pleaseandthankyou!) But, as many of us know, the road to creating gameplay content for the Internet isn’t always paved with gold and useful instructions. In response, The Duck offered up this wonderful, plain English post about game capturing and using the Live Gamer Portable. If you’re thinking about getting an LGP, want to start your own gameplay videos, or are just curious about gameplay recording in general, I highly recommend that you click on!

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For the longest time, I have wished to record my gameplay, but it always seemed like too complex a process, and years passed without any progress being made in the matter.  No, I thought, I shan’t ever get to record my gaming prowess because I’m just not fancy enough to set up all that technical mumbo jumbo.  Nevertheless, there were times I would defeat a boss with 1 unit of health left or complete a challenge with less than a second to spare, and I would think to myself, I really need to record this kind of stuff and share it with the world.  So many missed moments, where I basked in the glory of a seemingly impossible victory.  With no one to share it with.

And then, not too long ago, Hatm0nster told me about a simple device one could use to record gameplay.  It’s the Avermedia Live Gamer…

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Gamers and games: The subjective relationship; or, Metroid Prime just didn’t “do it for me.”

If you follow me over on United We Game (and here’s your chance if you aren’t), it’s possible that you caught the vow I made over there last summer to complete Metroid Prime. If you didn’t, well…in late June 2014, I vowed to beat Metroid Prime. There ya go. At the time I had determined that it had been far too long since I faced that singular game loved by many that brought out the worst in me so many years ago. So, putting my nose to the proverbial grindstone, I picked up the Metroid Prime trilogy, dug out and hooked up our Gamecube (had to do it right, y’know), popped in Metroid Prime (my god, how beautiful it was to play a game without updates and load times), and I set off with Samus and her adventures on the planet Tallon IV.

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Console Gaming May Not be the Best Option Anymore


This week I’m sharing a UWG article from my fellow admin Hatm0nster, because he addresses a gaming issue that’s not uncommon these days: console vs. PC gaming. And it’s not a matter of either or, it’s more a question of acceptance. As a mostly console player myself who recently turned back to PC gaming (if not full force), I’ve come to see the value of having a gaming PC as a viable addition to anyone’s gaming setup. And frankly, with as headache-y as both the Xbox One and PS4 can be, I can also see the value in only playing games on PC. But when one has only ever played games on console, making this leap is a bit tougher. If you’ve recently found yourself on this fence, I highly encourage you to check out Hatm0nster’s article and leave your own thoughts.

Originally posted on United We Game:

ME3 Shadow Broker

Image By Flickr User: JBLivin (cc)

I’ve been player of home consoles for my entire life as a gamer. It used to be that I would steadfastly tout the superiority of my favorite consoles over the PC, even in the face of growing evidence to the contrary. I’m even still considering potentially picking up an Xbox One in order to play the likes of Halo 5 and Tomb Raider. I had an incredible time with the consoles of the past, and am very happy with PS4 now. It’s been an absolute blast. However, more and more often now I find my gaze wandering to the land of PC gaming. With everything PCs have to offer these days, I can’t help but wonder if remaining a primarily console-based gamer is the best way to continue.

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(Vocal Reprise) DOOM. And not that horrible movie with The Rock.

Writing about DOOM was an oddly intimate task. I thought I was far enough removed from the game (I mean, christ, it’s been over 20 years) to offer up reminiscences that were meaningful and that might have placed DOOM firmly on a gaming history pedestal. Instead, by bringing back memories of DOOM, I ended up going right back to our carpeted computer room with the bland walls and single couch that didn’t fit anywhere else in our house. I became the quiet and awkward girl who reveled in something that was so forbidden, and that thing, of all things, was DOOM. Maybe I wish I had been more historically-inclined when discussing the importance of DOOM, not just to me but to everyone, or maybe I just wish I could be playing the game. Just me, a computer, and the monsters, dancing once again.

DOOM. And not that horrible movie with The Rock., original post from 1/18/2012
Duration: 6:14
Final thought: Though it’s been a very long time, thoughts of the worlds of DOOM and DOOM II still make my skin crawl a little.

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doom screen 3

Mission Chrono Trigger: Progress…I haz it?

Well, it feels like I’ve progressed a lot in the game, and that’s what’s important, right? Da feelz?? 

Man…anyway. Despite all the craziness this summer has brought (dealing with storms killing the garden and a kitchen remodel on top of everything else), since my last MCT post, I have managed to play Chrono Trigger pretty regularly, getting in at least 15-20 minutes of a a day (during the week, anyway). And that makes me pretty happy. I doubt I’ll find any more time than that to get all timey wimey with this game before Labor Day, but you never know. Though I do know that you’re not here to read about my general life mishaps, so I’ll just get on with the post.

SPOILERS ahead! Fer sure.

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A Wild Video Appears!

Everything that needs to be said about this, I say in the first video below.  So click and …enjoy?

[1] It’s decidedly on the adult side of things.
[2] The audio levels are wonky, and it sounds a little better using headphones.
[3] My audio crapped out about two-thirds of the way in during a fight sequence, but it came back once things quieted down. Ah, still learning.
[4] The video is extra dark it seems, or it looks really dark on my computer, at least.
[5] United We Game is now on YOUTUBE!

The second video is pure fun and serves as my test of Xbox One’s Game DVR app. And there’s no commentary. You’re welcome.

Also, until now, I didn’t know that Firefox does not like WordPress-hosted videos, which blows. (And I doubt they’ll work in IE, because nothing does.) Both work great in Chrome. As a back-up, I’ve provided download links below. If nothing else works, then those should.

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